15 Unique People Who Were Gifted With One-in-a-Million Genetics

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Characteristics that were once considered stigmatic are now thought to be very unique and “in fashion”. That is the case, for example, with albinism, with many models taking over the world with their faces and bodies. The time that people appreciate all kinds of forms and looks has finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier to see all people succeeding no matter their looks.

1. Model Darius Vernon isn’t ashamed of his body anymore.

The 34-year-man used to feel quite heavy in his skin, but at this stage of his life he feels in peace and very happy with how he looks. He hopes that he will inspire others and show them that vitiligo can’t be a barrier for your goals.

2. Model Diandra Forrest was the first model with Albinism to be signed to a major modelling agency.

3. Sem Kobelyan and his unique face.

Sem is a model who happens to have albinism and is signed to a big agency. Even though years ago people like Sem would find it hard to get jobs in the fashion industry, right now they are very sought after.

4. Complete heterochromia with white hair and a beard

5. Brian also has vitiligo.

Brian Givens is a man with vitiligo and his main job is a manager at a restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He also writes in his free time and enjoys like to its fullest.

6. “I have Hyperhidrosis, which means my hands and feet sweat a lot. This is how my hands usually look.”

7. “To the guys with 3 and 4 fingers, I have 5!”

8. Like paint on a canvas.

9. “My deformed hand.”

10. Motivation speaker Mariana Mendes with her unique birthmark.

11. Model Maeva Giani Marshall and her beautiful freckled face.

12. “My son was born with an ‘extra’ finger.”

13. “I‘ve been told my peace sign is unusually wide.”

14. “I have purple eyes.”

15. A boy has 2 additional fingers and 2 additional toes, but other than that, he’s no different from any other kids.


Do you have anything on your body that is considered unique and only few people in the world have?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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