17 Unique People Who Were Truly Blessed by Nature

5 months ago

Undoubtedly, all people are unique and irreplaceable. However, some of them are blessed by nature with features that make them indisputably more beautiful. Genetics plays a leading role in the distribution of these beautiful physical details that make only a few lucky stand out from the crowd.

Now I’ve Seen Everything celebrates the differences between all of us and presents you with a selection of unique physical traits that 18 users shared on the web.

1. “There’s a patch on my leg that doesn’t get goosebumps.”

2. “This was my real baby hair (not a wig).”

3. “My girlfriend has freckles in her Iris. They look like Marbles.”

4. “Freckle power ✌?”

5. “My birth mark looks like Africa.”

6. “My extra tooth.”

7. “My son has a square patch of blond hair.”

8. “My coloboma and heterochromia. Feel free to ask questions!”

9. Natural red hair that matches the deep blue of her eyes.

10. “My baby has an elf ear.”

11. “I have a rare genetic condition called distichiasis (a double row of eyelashes). Sometimes they grow into my eyeball.”

12. “My fingers look special.”

13. “My handsome grandpa circa the early ’70s, rocking the heck out of his unibrow!”

14. “Thankful for the responses to this post for helping me feel confident with my nose.”

15. “My infant son has incredibly long eyelashes.”

16. “This has to be the most awesome hair I’ve seen on a baby.”

17. “I love my vitiligo — be proud to be different!!!”

What physical trait do you have that makes you feel special?

Preview photo credit Gregos81 / Reddit


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