15 People Who Opted for Plastic Surgery and Hit the Jackpot

2 years ago

Many Hollywood celebrities turn to plastic surgery to alter their faces and remain younger-looking for longer. But even if you don’t live under the constant pressure of always looking perfect, there still may be something in your appearance you wish you could change. The heroes of this article took the plunge and went under the knife to make their lifelong dream a reality.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything understand that plastic surgery might be risky, but for these 15 people, the risk was totally worth it.

1. “This is me after 10 years of procedures: chin, jaw, hair transplant, and rhinoplasty.”

2. “Face, brow, and eyes before and now”

3. “My nose job really gave me a confidence boost! I got the perfect results.”

4. “Chemotherapy messed up my facial fat distribution. Finally got it fixed!”

5. “Before and after laser micro peel, forehead lifting, and kiss lip fillers.”

6. “Before vs almost 4 months post-septorhinoplasty”

7. “Before and after having double jaw surgery for an overbite— I’m loving the results!”

8. “7 weeks post-op. Lower jaw surgery & cheek implants”

9. “Septorhinoplasty before and cast off removal day”

10. “10 weeks post-op septorhinoplasty”

11. “Chin implant 11 months post-op”

12. “Just wanted to share my nose.”

13. “I have a jawline now!”

14. “Chin lipo — 5 days post-op!”

15. “Aging in reverse: 2017, 2019, and today”

What would you change about your appearance?

Preview photo credit SiffGallery / reddit


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