15+ Unlucky Events That Hindered These People’s Day

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Nobody can avoid a bad day; whether you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or experience a spate of severe difficulties, everyone has a bad day every now and then. Even though you can’t exactly address all of those troubles, the key to handling them would be to keep a cheerful and upbeat attitude to not let those problems bring us down.

1. After 10 minutes of work...

2. ’’How she gets to sleep with our dog vs Me’’

3. After the flight

4. ’’Just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home.’’

5. ’’My roommate bites her butter, then drops it on the pan when she cooks.’’

6. ’’One flip flop fell behind the heater all winter.’’

7. ’’When your 8-year-old decides you shouldn’t have a laptop after telling him he’s too young to have a laptop.’

8. ’’$150 shoes’’

9. ’’I turned on my defrost this morning, and came back 10 minutes later to find this.’’

10. ’’She traded me for the window seat before we got on the plane.’’

11. ’’My wife tried brushing her hair this morning.’’

12. ’’My Mechanic broke my car key.’’

13. ’’This breakfast, that cost me $19’’

14. ’’My boyfriend dropped my makeup bag.’’

15. Apparently his phone will take quite a long to be recharged.

16. ’’My wife putting this peanut butter in the trash because it’s empty.’’

17. This lady doesn’t understand personal space

Can you relate to some of these situations? Do you often have bad luck?


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