14 People Found Themselves in Such an Embarrassing Situation They Wanted to Sink Into the Ground

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No one is safe from getting into awkward situations. And while some people try to forget it and chalk it up as a nightmare, others don’t mind laughing at themselves and even sharing their photos with the world.

“Here is how I arrived at my son’s school.”

Lougov / Pikabu

“I processed my windows with an anti-fog agent but applied it to the wrong side.”

*****goose / Pikabu

“I’ve been using this water bottle for 2 weeks and only today did I find that it has paper instructions inside!”

“I washed my jacket with a pen in the pocket.”

TaK.To.bpaBa / Pikabu

“Was trying to boil water, turned on the wrong burner, and my glass baking dish exploded.”

“I decided to try deep frying Oreos but I didn’t monitor the temperature and a fire burnt part of my kitchen.”

“I even had the thought, ’This bottle doesn’t feel quite right...oh well!’”

“I didn’t double-check which side the cabinet opened and ended up drilling on the hinge side.”

“Followed the recipe exactly! Even added extra flour this time. They always spread!”

“We went to a thrift store and my kid fell in love with a toy. We bought it. When we got home, I washed the stuffed rabbit. Soon after, I heard my daughter crying in the bathroom. I rushed to her and saw this”

illa444 / Pikabu

“I’ve been cleaning them the hard way my entire life. Turns out the lid lifts and the stove can be easily cleaned inside.”

More proof that you shouldn’t go outside without sunscreen.

“Guess who forgot to roll up the car window.”

“I walked from the store to home looking like this. I have never felt that embarrassed.”

“Dropped tikka masala at the store and it shattered.”

Preview photo credit illa444 / Pikabu


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That last one still has me laughing out loud ... & I think I've just woken up my pooch! Makes up for discovering that the stove top lifts up for cleaning ... at age 71yrs!


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