16 Objects Whose Purpose You Wouldn’t Guess Even in a Million Years

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Occasionally, as we navigate through our daily routines, we encounter unfamiliar objects that perplex us with their enigmatic purpose. Yet, we are fortunate to have a vast community of knowledgeable internet users who eagerly offer the correct explanations and unveil the mysteries behind these intriguing phenomena.

1. “What is this padded satin item with ribbon ties and a hole in the middle? Appears possibly handmade, like a case for a beauty item.”

  • It looks like it might go on top of a hanger (which is why there’s a hole in the middle). This would turn something like a smooth wooden hanger into one of those hangers with a satin finish/top to prevent light items like slips or lingerie from slipping off the hanger. The ties would be to secure it to the hanger perhaps. © HelenAngel / Reddit

2. “My son found this, and we have no clue what it is. My wife says she doesn’t know what it is either.”

  • ROFL! Yeah, I have it in my kitchen drawer. The first time I saw it, I had no idea what it was. It’s a measuring cup holder. © Unknown author / Reddit

3. “Plastic ring with 3 relatively sharp metal claws, found on beach in Scotland.”

4. “This metal structure about 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall above the top bunk of this bunk bed.”

  • My sisters’ had this bunk bed. It’s a Buzz Lightyear bunk bed that is supposed to have a canopy on the top. © veganpizzaslice / Reddit

5. “Found these tiny round brown grains on top of a second mattress cover, right below my husband’s pillow. We have cats, but it’s not the same color as their litter.”

6. “What is this bowl for? It’s got a small hole at the bottom.”

7. “Glass objects with decorative flower patterns. 600 grams each.”

  • They look more like those old furniture or piano casters/cups to prevent floor damage. © aloquix / Reddit

8. “What is this camera looking thing my neighbors pointed at my backyard?”

  • It’s an ultrasonic cat deterrent and dog chaser. It has a motion sensor and flashing lights in order to protect courtyards, lawn Gardens and fruit trees. © ContributionFree4015 / Reddit

9. “Renting a house and the basement has these ropes with some sort of plastic hooks/clamps.”

10. “I found this doodad in a box of junk jewelry. The large disc slides up and down the chain.”

11. “My college dorm has these things, several of them on each floor. The building was finished in 1969.”

12. “Found this in our donation bin. It’s a gold plated speaker with a short cord with 2 prongs at the end, it also has a gold plated clip with an opal-like material of a horse on it.”

  • Looks like an old Beltone type hearing aid. There’s a transistor in the tie clip, and it plugs into a cord for the hearing aid. © Mael_Coluim_III / Reddit

13. “5-foot-tall solid brick structure in the woods near my house”

  • It’s an old sign with the name of a district or location. Usually installed by the builders. © DOUCYIMD1 / Reddit

14. “Tennis racket with a hook on the back, on a long chain with ball at the end.”

  • This is used to measure the height of the net in tennis. The hook hangs on the top of the net and the net is tightened till the ball just touches the grass. © Tricky_Extreme5862 / Reddit

15. “Metal rocket shaped holder for something.”

16. “A kind of wooden gateway in a fence in the woods?”

  • It’s a badger gate. It is used to allow farm dogs in and out of pastures. It looks to be about the right size. © acemandoom / Reddit

Can you imagine buying underwear only to find a weird black tag at the center of it? Cause there are so many mysterious objects out there you don’t even realize. Like for example, milk bottles with a hole at the sides.


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