15 People Who’ve Discovered Something Really Unexpected Inside Ordinary Things

year ago

It’s no secret that amazing things and events can happen. And many internet users prove this with their amazing finds — and thankfully, they share their photos online. But some of them are so puzzling and mysterious that they can make you scratch your head in confusion.

“Schrodinger’s baby”

How could this happen?

“I’m redoing my kitchen and the old owners put a wall over an exterior door.”

“Just look at this almond! I‘ve kept it for like 4 years now.”

“The way the snow melted on my walkway.”

“This weird lemon grew on our lemon tree.”

“My orange was growing another orange inside.”

“This bag of grass seed I left out for a couple months.”

“I found a stingray barb while at work.”

“The turtle shell lid in my son’s sandbox has become a mini greenhouse.”

“My brother-in-law’s side mirror broke, allowing water to seep between and create this interesting effect.”

“I got a double-shelled egg.”

“My sister bought antique dining chairs to re-finish, and she discovered this inside.”

“They had 5 layers of fabric on them. Green is from the 40s, green and stripes are from the 50s, brown flowers are from the 70s, white are from the 90s. And most recently it had southwestern fabric.”

“My discount grocery store sells bulk M&M’s separated by color.”

“My wife cooked a dish with sliced onions, and this was found in the completed dish.”

Preview photo credit n0tAgOat / Reddit


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