15 Weird Things Whose Mystery Would’ve Been Impossible to Solve Without the Internet’s Help

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In our childhood, we used to ask our parents hundreds of questions and we’d get really upset when they didn’t know the answers. And now we just throw our hands up in the air helplessly when our children bombard us with questions. Because it’s impossible to know everything, and this article just proves it.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we prepared a quiz for you. Let’s check to see whether you can figure out what any of these things are.

1. Who is this cup intended for?

This cup is intended for people wearing a mustache. The special cover allows you to drink without wetting your mustache.

2. The person who took this photo has been called Snow White. Why?

According to her, animals keep randomly finding her, like she is the real Snow White.

3. “What is the purpose of these mirrors? I came across them in Trosa, Sweden.”

In Sweden, they are called Skvallerspegel, which can be translated as “gossip mirror,” and in the Netherlands, they are called Spionnetje meaning “a little spy.” This mirror lets you view the street from the comfort of your couch. They can be found in many countries in Northern Europe.

4. Why are there water bottles outside all the driveways and entrances in Spain?

This way, people try to prevent stray dogs and cats from peeing on their walls. This method really works, but no one knows how exactly. Perhaps animals don’t want to go to the toilet in a place where they can drink. Another possible reason is that they see their own reflection in the bottles, which scares them.

5. This iron fish is boiled with food. Why?

Iron deficiency is a big problem in developing countries. This fish helps to add extra iron to your daily foods if you boil it water.

6. Why does only the left handle of the fridge door have scratches?

These scratches are made by wedding rings.

7. What do they sell in this shop?

This is the door to an eyewear shop. The nose bridge is the door handle.

8. Why does this horse wear boots?

These are leg wraps that protect their legs during training, exercise, transport, etc.

9. These plants were planted at the same time. Why do they grow at a different pace?

They were exposed to sunlight in a different way which affected their growth. This photo demonstrates how important sunlight is for plants.

10. A mother and daughter share a hobby that added vertical lines to their palms. What’s their hobby?

Both women are avid knitters.

11. This painting is hung on the ceiling of a doctor’s office? What’s the doctor’s specialty?

The doctor is a dentist. This painting helps people relax during procedures.

12. Why has the piano lid become 2-color?

The lid of this piano has always been left open, so the sun lightened up the part that wasn’t covered.

13. Why are this person’s boots worn out in a different way?

This man is a masseur. The sole of his right shoe is more worn because of the way he applies pressure during his massages.

14. This alley in Kairouan in Tunisia is formally called the “hug-me” alley. Why?

Because you can’t pass through it with someone else without hugging them.

15. Why do these scissors have 4 finger rings?

I thought the scissors were so they could be used by a right or left handed person.


They’re children’s training scissors. For example, for pre-schoolers. The extra rings are there so a grown-up can co-scissor and help the kid.

How many questions did you answer correctly? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit raybobobob / Reddit


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