16 Hilarious Proofs That Having Children Is Like Starring in Your Very Own Sitcom

year ago

From the moment a baby is born, there are countless eyes on them looking at their every move and gesture. And as they get older, we still keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe and don’t destroy everything around them. So, naturally, many funny and entertaining situations arise and parents just can’t help but lift their phones and capture the moment.

1. “Her look says, ’I’ve seen some things.”

2. “I enjoyed my daughter’s first Disney ride more than she did.”

3. “This seat will do nicely for my diaper butt.”

4. “My friend had her daughters at a zoo when she heard, ’Ma’am, there’s a lemur on your baby.’”

5. “My daughter, realizing her fourth birthday is tomorrow and not today.”

6. “Found my husband like this getting our one-year-old to bed.”

7. “My boss brought his son to work today.”

8. “The aftermath of my daughter and her Barbies using my tub tonight.”

9. “It’s our tenth anniversary today, thought we’d capture the romance.”

8. “My son is wearing a cat mask with his hair on top.”

11. “Took my daughter out for a nice dinner.”

12. “My daughter’s one-year-old picture didn’t go quite as planned...”

13. “He was just trying to take a nap.”

14. “My son, forever falling asleep in the most random and uncomfortable, crazy positions...”

15. “My daughter playing with a toy dolphin and bath paint”

16. “Got tired of the hard work of making a tringle-sized snowman.”

Why do you think children are the source of so much fun and surprise? Maybe we should try and learn something from them?


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