16 Images That Will Make You Wonder Whether You Need to Visit the Eye Doctor

2 years ago

Taking a photo isn’t as simple as some people think, since it’s not just about pressing click. The placement of your camera in front of the person or thing you are photographing plays a huge role in the final product. That’s how we end up with highly confusing images that seem to have no explanation at first. Or in some cases, it can be something as simple as double exposure.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 16 pictures that will baffle you at first glance but your brain will probably find the solution after a second look.

1. “She has her mother’s hands.”

2. A woman that forgot to take her head with her.

3. “Dogs with thumbs get adopted the quickest.”

4. “My cat’s tongue here looks like he has luscious lips.”

5. “These mirrors make it look like there are more fruits then there actually are.”

6. Being able to multitask is an important skill.

7. Thunder cats do exist after all.

8. “This picture of my friend’s cat”

9. “The back of this sign didn’t want to obstruct the view.”

10. “This picture makes it look like I’m holding a decapitated camel head.”

11. “This mirror makes it look like there is a hole in the countertop.”

12. “He has beautiful legs.”

13. “My girlfriend’s biceps”

14. Is this a floating stone or a stone in the water?

15. “Good-boy doggie ears”

16. “This building looks like it’s just one wall of windows.”

Do any of the pictures above still have you confused and would you like to have an official explanation of them?


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