16 People Who Couldn’t Believe How Exceptional the Service They Received Was

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Customer service is one of the most difficult jobs and yet one of the most important things for businesses. That is because people are hard to please, but all businesses need to keep their customers the happiest they can. That’s why some of them go out of their way to please even the pets that people have with them. Thankfully, most people appreciate even the smallest gestures that make their time and stay a lot more pleasant.

1. “This grocery store displays these nuts and other snacks upside down so you can see the contents more clearly.”

2. “They delivered our pizza slightly crumpled and late, but it was delicious. I decided to leave a review, and they offered me another pizza for free.”

3. “We had dinner and said to the waiter that the mutton was a bit too salty. He replied that he’d bring us some complimentary fruit.”

4. The best cappuccino is made in Buenos Aires.

5. This is a real treat for those with the painful periods. These are sanitary pads with a warming effect.

6. “The number of pillows my wife was given after requesting extra pillows.”

7. “Tampons, deodorant, hand cream, and individual terrycloth towels. And all of them are in the toilet of a regular café.”

8. “I was choosing markers from a box. The sales assistant brought me another box, saying, “You look so inspired, take another one!”

9. “A robot cat waiter at my local restaurant”

10 “This vet clinic has a bowl with dog treats at the counter.”

11. “In an Arab hotel, they put a small box with ‘little luxuries’ along with the toothpaste.”

  • I opened it just now. There were 2 pantyliners, band-aids, and Alka-Seltzer inside.

12. “There is a service in Tokyo that allows you to order a coffee with the help of a messenger, and then pick it up at a specified time.”

13. “This toilet at a Dutch Supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell.”

14. “In the middle of the night, we found out that a delivery service in Tokyo provides a code for 2,000 yen.”

  • We put up an order in a hurry while it was still available. This is what we got for 26 yen ($0.23).

15. “My bunny and I arrived at a hotel that had a Michelin starred restaurant. They made him a welcome dessert.”

  • Dear bunny, please enjoy the gifts from the garden.

16. “We ordered pizza for dinner and asked them to draw kittens on the box for our son in the comments.”

What has been the best and most surprising service you’ve ever received? Was it at an expensive hotel or a small business?

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