16 People Who Decided to Share Their Failures and We Want to Thank Them

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Many people have a hard time every time they enter their kitchen and decide to cook something. Maybe they try to bake a pizza without a tray or microwave something for way too long. But unlucky and failing moments can appear any given time when we least expect them.

1. “The new jar of Nutella my girlfriend tried to heat in the microwave.”

2. ’’My friend was cooking a frozen pizza.’’

3. ’’Grabbed a hot metal bowl.’’

4. ’’A dog chewed my shoes.’’

5. “Got an Airbnb just for the tub.”

6. ’’My fork decidedly didn’t want me to eat the pastry.’’

7. “Broken foot on vacation.”

8. ’’This guy on my plane’’

9. “This isn’t how I wanted my morning to go.”

10. ’’My son’s phone fell between the cushions and got caught in the hinges of the bed frame...’’

11. “Got my rain boots from the garage in anticipation of today’s heavy rain. Forgot to bring them inside last night.”

12. ’’I decided to treat myself to my favorite jelly donut for my birthday. I demand a redo.’’

13. “I got my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn’t sure if she could see properly to do it.”

14. ’’The key broke off inside the lock to a very important work door.’’

15. “I forgot to add oil when cooking this egg.”

16. ’’The outer glass layer of the oven exploded.’’

Preview photo credit Extis** / Reddit, aintx / Reddit


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