20 People Who Spent Their Money on Making Someone Else’s Day a Little Brighter

2 years ago

People say money can’t buy happiness, but how about using it to help someone else? Regardless of income, people who spend money on others may feel happier, according to research. Whether it’s gifts for others or donations to charity, money takes on special meaning when it comes to making a friend’s, acquaintance’s, or even a pet’s day.

Now I’ve Seen Everything made a compilation of images that show how a simple purchase or gift can turn into a smile or a fond memory.

1. “Yesterday, the owner of my company noticed that the shoes I had on were worn through and the jeans I had on had holes in them.”

“I was planning on getting a new pair of each on my next paycheck. Today he took me to Costco and bought me 2 new pairs of shoes, 4 new pairs of jeans, and some food.”

2. “I bought an owl box months ago. Today, an owl finally got in it! I got happy tears.”

3. “Woke up early to get a jump on my new job and found a new office chair. My dad evidently bought it and assembled it last night while I was sleeping.”

4. “8 years ago, my mum passed away. 3 years ago, I became a dad. At the hospital, my sister gave me a teddy that my mum had bought for her grandson/granddaughter. I was a blubbering wreck.”

5. “Years ago, my mom used to play Link’s Awakening on her Gameboy Color. But she never had a chance to finish it.”

“I bought her a Switch so that she could finally finish it on a brand-new console!”.

6. “My husband, who is not a HP fan himself, bought me the Hogwarts 3D puzzle and built it with me while watching all 8 movies.”

7. “Colleagues bought me a birthday cake. Yep, that’s a corgi’s bum.”

8. “My 8-year-old is painting pet portraits to raise money for the animal shelter.”

9. “I’ve been biking to work in the cold every morning; my coworker noticed, and she made me this scarf and beanie.”

10. "Bought my grandmother a grocery store orchid 3 years ago for Mother’s Day. It currently has 45 blooms.

11. “I turned 16 yesterday, got this cow onesie as a gift, and I absolutely love it :)”

12. “I was crying, pulling into a parking spot to treat myself to fro-yo because I was having a day. I caught a glimpse of a teenage girl and dad in the car next to me while I was crying. When I came back after eating the fro-yo, their car was gone, but this was in my door handle.”

13. “My mom handmade this little bunny doll for our baby girl. The overalls are made from one of my late grandma’s shirts. Most meaningful gift we’ve received so far!”

14. “Fellow Redditor donated to my classroom. I was able to buy needed supplies and a few new books!”

15. “It’s a HOT day in Omaha, and at my job, we mostly work outside, so the supervisors decided to come around and give us employees free ice cream to keep us cool. Good fellas.”

16. “Bought my fiancé his dream watch as a wedding gift for our wedding in 3 weeks! Been saving up for 2 years, ever since the day after we got engaged.”

17. “My best friend got me this phone charger for my birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.”

18. “Was at the hardware store & noticed this guy just sitting. When I returned to my car, I noticed an anonymous bro left him a wee cup of water. Wherever he is, thanks.”

19. “Local grocery store was giving away free flower bouquets today for Easter! They make me smile every time I look at them.”

20. “I’ve been going through hard times. Lost my home and my food. I made a post selling my cell phone to pay for rent and groceries. I’ve been given so much support since that post. One Redditor bought my dog and me a ton of food. I am so grateful. 😭❤️ Thank you.”

Have you ever given or received a gift at the right time whose value went beyond the monetary and made you smile?

Preview photo credit klem528 / Reddit


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