16 People Who Were Thrilled to Share Their Huge Progress

8 months ago

Life is constantly in motion, with daily transformations unfolding before our eyes. While these changes may initially appear subtle, when we observe the same aspects over the course of several years, the magnitude of progress becomes unmistakable. Remarkable achievements emerge as people dedicate their time and effort to their pursuits.

“My makeup progress: a colorful look in 2014 and today!”

“I lost 137 pounds in 17 months. I can’t believe I’ve lost an entire me.”

“Changed my career 1 year ago to make macarons for a living. Here are the photos at the beginning and now.”

“After 31 years of chronic nail-biting, I finally kicked the habit.”

“Before and after the surgery — I’ve never felt better in my life.”

“I lost 78 pounds in 2.5 years. It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics.”

“A little progress every day leads to big results! My embroidery from 2016 vs 2020.”

“The first dress I made and the one I’m not ashamed to wear in public.”

“Had braces for 2.5 years! I cried when I saw how straight my teeth are.”

“Renovated my house on wheels.”

“My bakery progress”

“From bridesmaid to bride, 4 years maintaining.”

“I grew hair for 4 years.”

“My self-portrait at 5, 21, and 24.”

“A different kind of progress pic. I’ve had bad teeth most of my life, this has given me so much more confidence!”

“Four years from when I started my journey. I’m so proud of myself!”

Examining these photos, it’s evident that progress is a goal we all strive for, advancing step by step.

Preview photo credit joifullnoyses / Reddit


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