16 Photos That Prove Experiencing Something for the First Time Can Be Absolutely Breathtaking

2 years ago

The novelty of experiencing something for the very first time can be a magical thing that stays in your memory forever. It can be something small, like tasting a donut, or absolutely life-changing, like putting an engagement ring on your fiancee’s finger — the emotions will probably be overwhelming either way.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love discovering new things and love seeing others do it too, so here are 16 people living their life to the fullest.

“My daughter grew her first anything: a cabbage!”

“My girlfriend and I got engaged today. The excitement in her face in this photo of her with her ring on for the first time is going to stay with me forever.”

“My nephew had his first donut.”

“My sister when she saw an elephant for the first time”

“My father tried making pancakes for the first time — he says he’s proud of them.”

“My dog seeing a grasshopper for the first time”

“Tough hike pushing a wheelchair, but got our 93-year-old mom to see her very first waterfall.”

“My kid smiled at me as I picked him up for the first time at 7 weeks old.”

“Took my wife for her first flight in our trike.”

“Here’s my 86-year-old grandma holding her very own puppy for the first time. My family lives next door, and we’ll provide his daily care. She just has to provide the love.”

“Holding my new kitten for the first time — his name’s Mango.”

“The first time she’s ever smelled a rose”

“My daughter met her very first woolly worm this weekend. These are the moments I think about when I ponder the meaning of life.”

“My beautiful mother displayed her art/creations at her first event ever today!”

“First trip to the lakes”

“My nephew and his first sprinkler toy”

What was your favorite “first time”? We’d love to see the photos!

Preview photo credit jcal4106 / reddit


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