20 People Who Proved That Hard Work Pays Off

2 years ago

They say losing weight should be treated like a marathon and not a sprint. The process takes time and results don’t come overnight. There will be hurdles and “obstacle courses” along the way, but if you stay focused, the outcome will be worth it.

To prove that determination and hard work can lead to great things, Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up 20 before-and-after photos of people who showed us what crossing the finish line looks like.

1. “I thought I was confident wearing crop tops until I lost weight.”

2. He went from 500 lbs to 199 lbs!

3. “My shirt size went from a 3XL to a small!”

4. “Countless hours in the gym and dieting”

5. This achievement only took less than a year!

6. “My progress from nearly 2 years of being on this journey”

7. “I started working out like I owed the gym money.”

8. How do you like her now?

9. “I don’t count calories, I’m just conscious of my food choices.”

10. “Left is from February. Right is from September.”

11. Look at her progress, one year later!

12. “I’ve gone from not being able to run to running/walking 3 miles a day!”

13. “Intermittent fasting and Keto diet. I enjoy being alive again.”

14. The scrubs she wears went from size 3XL down to a medium!

15. “It took a lot of eggs and a ton of plants.”

16. “I started at 526 lbs, and I’m now 276 lbs.”

17. “Never give up on yourself and believe that you can do it.”

18. “If I can keep going (and I’m a fiend for sweets), anyone can do it.”

19. “Went from wearing a size 7XLT shirt to small/mediums.”

20. “84 lbs down. Slow but steady wins the race.”

What weight loss technique works the best for you? How do you take care of your health?


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