15 Brave People Who Had a Complete Hair Makeover

year ago

We all probably know this feeling of a fresh haircut when, even if you just got rid of a few inches of hair, you still feel like you’ve had a complete makeover. And if people are brave enough to change their hairstyles completely, they deserve praise for being capable of such a leap of faith (what can’t they do then?) Our today’s heroes inspire us to try out something new.

1. “I finally tried a hair replacement system. I colored my hair and cut it, then colored my natural to cover gray. Not too bad for the first try.”

2. “Took a huge leap today and finally got the cut I’ve been wanting for years.”

3. You can never go wrong with a cute hairstyle.

4. “Dyed my hair, stopped plucking my eyebrows, put in some contacts, and took off my makeup.”

5. “The ultimate before and after.”

6. “Just took a swing at a major change on a whim...a whole different vibe!”

7. The hair went from bright to super-bright!

8. “Living life as my best self now”

9. “I love my new hair color!”

10. “Finally went to a salon to fix my hair! The balayage will give me a nice break with the roots.”

11. “Went with the pixie cut and couldn’t be happier!”

12. “Happiness is a short pixie cut! I feel so much more like myself!”

13. “I am now 1 year post-op from my hair transplant!”

14. Long hair can look good on both younger and older people!

15. “I wanted to do this for a very long time, and now I was brave enough to shave.”


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