16 Surprising Things Kids Have Said and Made People Stop in Their Tracks

2 years ago

Kids are the only beings that have the ability to imagine and create stories in their head completely unfiltered. In their head, everything can take place, since they don’t know and don’t think that some things aren’t possible. And wild imagination brings the need to role play, something that kids do very often. We just wish that adults could be a bit more free in their thinking.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share 16 surprising and entertaining things kids have said that prove how they can light up people’s lives.

  • My 5-year-old son told me he was going to marry Juliana. I didn’t know anyone with that name. I looked around the school, the neighborhood, even among his cousins, but I couldn’t find anyone with that name. One day I asked him: “Son, where does Juliana live?” and he answered that she had not been born yet. Lu Macedo / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son says all the time that he used to live in France. One day, we were watching TV, when a picture of the Louvre Museum appeared, which he doesn’t even know. And he said: “Look mom, it’s the Louvre, in France, I was there!” Daniela Gimenez / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son says all the time that back in his day there was no stove, that everything was done with firewood. Natália Bueno Louzano / Facebook
  • The neighbor’s son, who was about 5 years old, came to play at my house one day. He was sitting on the bed in my room looking up at the ceiling and said, “Your house isn’t pretty, but I like it because I lived here before.” Maura Stella Albertin / Facebook
  • My mother was pregnant, but no one knew it, not even her. So I went up to her and said, “Mom, it’s a boy!” She asked me if I was going crazy, but soon afterward she found out that she was indeed pregnant. Juliane Dal Col / Facebook
  • My 3-year-old daughter used to pretend like she was playing with somebody else. She used to chat and even laugh with that person. I once asked her, “Baby, who are you talking to?” She said, “To my friend Billie.” I asked her what this friend looked like and she replied that she looked like a dragon. Tamires Camilo / Facebook
  • My children never met my grandfather, but they always say they miss him. What is really impressive is that the first time they saw a picture of him they recognized him immediately. Aline Lucas / Facebook
  • I was in the kitchen preparing coffee and my son Nohlan, who is 3 years old, sat at the table and asked me: “Mom why is the sky cold?” I stopped and tried to understand what he had said and asked “What? How come?” He said again: “Because the sky is cold, everyone there is cold.” And he rubbed his arms while shivering a little. Flabiele Rodeghiero / Facebook
  • My 3-year-old son told his pediatrician that he was also a doctor, but that he took care of the elderly. He even asked me to confirm it, since according to him, I was there, next to him when he did it. Janete Prestes / Facebook
  • My friend’s little cousin was giving us all Pokémon names. When he got to my biggest friend he said “And you can be Pokémon stadium!” locke3891 / Reddit
  • My son was about 4 years old when we went to visit his grandmother who lived in another state. As soon as we arrived, I took him for a walk around the neighborhood and showed him a creek with a small waterfall. As I approached, I told him stories of how my friends and I had fun there when we were teenagers. Suddenly he interrupted me and said, “I know about this place, I already know it! I was there with you too!” Ze Bambu / Facebook
  • My daughter plays hide and seek with her grandfather. Nothing too special so far, I even help her look for him in some places. The thing is, she never knew her grandparents. Fran Soares / Facebook

If you have a kid of your own or in your family, what has been the most surprising and entertaining thing they have said?

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