17 Celebrity Women Who Proved Shoe Size Doesn’t Matter to Be Gorgeous

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In case it wasn’t clear, celebrities are human, just like all of us. Each of them has qualities that some people might find embarrassing, even though they’re just normal human traits. Celebrities’ feet often get a lot of attention, especially their shoe choices on the red carpet. But these ladies with not small feet show us that size doesn’t matter.

Shoes are Zendaya’s soft spot. Her shoe size is a 9, while her footwear collection never stops growing.

Monica Bellucci is another actress who wears a size 9.


Angelina Jolie is often seen wearing classic pumps. Her feet, which are a size 9, look best in this shoe style.

Denette Nathan/CP/ABACA/EAST NEWS, Gilbert Flores /Broadimage/EAST NEWS

Kendall Jenner wears a size 10. The model says that she has very long toes, which she calls “spider toes.”

NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News

It's quite normal that tall women have size 9 or 10 big deal is that what this is about? Lol


Cindy Crawford wears a size 10 shoe to fit her supermodel height.

I doubt anyone that has dated her cared about her shoe size.


Jennifer Lawrence is 5 foot 9 inches tall and wears a size 10.5 shoe.

It took Uma Thurman 35 years to accept the fact that she’s tall and wears a size 11. But now she feels confident about her appearance.

Steve Sands/Bauer Griffin/East News

Just like many other super tall models, Brooke Shields wears a size 11 shoe.

Kate Winslet wears a size 11 and says that long feet run in the family. While filming Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio even teased her because they had the same shoe size.

Twentieth Century Fox/Paramount Pictures/Lightstorm Entertainment/East News

Cate Blanchett is another celebrity with a size 11 shoe.

RB/Associated Press/East News, LLUIS GENE/AFP/East News

Until recently, Oprah Winfrey believed she wore a size 10. But it turns out she’s a size 11.

AdMedia/SIPA/EAST NEWS, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

And how did she come across this revelation after 60 + years on this Earth?


Supermodel Heidi Klum has an amazing collection of 2000 pairs of size 11 shoes.

Tyra Banks wears an 11.5. But they say she prefers to wear a size 12 because it’s more comfortable.


Elle Macpherson also wears a size 12 shoe.


Geena Davis is a tall woman, and her shoe size is 12.

CPUK / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

Gwendoline Christie is 6 feet 3 inches tall, so it’s no surprise that she wears a size 12.

Even though Whoopi Goldberg is not so tall, her height is only 5 feet 4 inches, she wears shoes of the 11th size.

Picking the right shoes is a big deal, especially for celebrities. Every detail of their outfit is on spotlight, so famous women always know how to impress us.


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