17 Men Who Only Needed to Grow a Beard to Transform Themselves

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study has found that men care a lot more about their beards than women do. That is maybe because a bearded man is often considered more attractive to those around him. Also, another study found that men with beards are often seen as more trustworthy and reliable. Maybe these reasons make men want to grow a beard or a mustache on themselves.

1. “Beard with push-up effect.”

  • This one is an amazing beard and mustache, so superb, we ought to make you a late 19th-century European statesman. © HRE_not_really / Reddit

2. “My friends have dubbed me ’Father Time.’”

3. How do you like this transformation?

4. “My transformation”

  • It’s an awesome beard but it adds 15 years to your face, so if you’re 45, awesome! You finally look your age, but if you’re 28, maybe stay shaved. © blueblewbLu3 / Reddit

5. “Needed a change and it feels quite refreshing.”

6. “Went from a high school student to a college teacher.”

7. “7 weeks of growth. No trim!”

8. “Better with or without the beard?”

9. “Beard vs no beard, 23-25.”

10. “My girlfriend told me ‘Puberty hit you like a truck’”

11. “I plan on cleaning it up before I have to re-enter society.”

12. “I was stopped at customs at the border because they did not believe I was the beardless guy in my passport.”

13. “Beard evolution, 8 weeks after shaving.”

14. “To beard or not to beard: that is the question.”

15. “19 vs 20 — the beard has been a total game changer for me.”

16. “Be brutally honest please, I want to know the cold truth.”

17. It’s only one detail but he looks totally different.


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