17 People Who Didn’t Realize Their Dog Would Turn Out to Be So Humongous

8 months ago

Seeing a dog on the street can be very exciting for many people, but seeing a massive dog on the street is something to get your phone out for. That’s when a dog is not only heavier than its human friend, but also taller if it stands up. We decided to share with you 17 of the most worthy pictures we could find of such instances.

1. “This good boy did a heck of a grow this year.”

2. Did you even notice the girl in this photo?

3. “He decided that he identifies as a lap dog.”

4. A good friend will always help you get something from the top shelf.

5. “May I have this dance?”

6. “Come on, give me a hug, my little human.”

7. Nothing unusual here, just an average Spanish Mastiff...

8. “16 months apart.”

9. You don’t need a sofa with a dog like this.

10. “My English teachers huge boi named Havoc.”

11. “I’m 6 feet tall and the dog next to me is Shamir.”

sooba118 / Pikabu

12. “150-pound lapdog.”

13. “I’ll sit here for a while. I’m not too heavy, am I?”

14. “He looks like a puppy to me.”

15. Do you want to look elegant? Get yourself a Great Dane.

16. When you’re a good boy but your owner is always stroking the cat:

17. “My friend’s dog likes piggyback rides, even though he’s a little too big...”

It’s amazing how big things and creatures can get but instead of looking intimidating, they just look even more adorable. And age doesn’t always play a role since puppies can get humongous just a year after their birth.

Preview photo credit Monty_Goofy_Newfy / Reddit


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