19 Oversized Things We Can’t Believe Actually Exist

year ago

When it comes to things and creatures around us, we have a certain perception of how everything should look. Their size, appearance and color can’t be any different in our eyes. But sometimes we get surprised by how bigger some things can grow or can be made to be. Or maybe we weren’t aware that some creatures were actually this big from nature.

1. A hat that works as an umbrella too.

2. Juvenile hippo compared to a human baby

3. “Hulk, the pitbull.”

4. It’s hard to decide what’s more adorable here — the purrfectly round big kitty or his sweater!

5. Only one question remains: Do both dogs fit through the doggy door?

6. “This oyster I was served today.”

7. With such a good boy, you might not need an alarm system.

8. How many people do you think it can feed?

9. Meet the giant African land snail.

10. The weirdest thing about it is that it looks used.

11. “I see your big Allen wrench, and I raise you...a bigger Allen wrench.”

12. King-sized beds look like baby cradles compared to this one.

13. “Look at this beautiful giant. First time seeing redwoods in person.”

14. Look at the big tires, then look at the tires that carry the big tires.

15. This would be a regular fireplace picture if not for the person caught in the frame.

16. “I found a Cyclops moth and it was huge...bigger than half my hand.”

17. Imagine a lizard like this one climbing up your gate!

18. “My grandmother and uncle next to their giant homegrown veggies”

19. “This freakish carrot I engaged in battle with.”

Preview photo credit ScottPuppy / reddit


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