13 Things so Massive They Can Make Anyone Feel Pocket-Sized

2 years ago

While living our regular city lives, we can easily forget just how amazing nature is. But there are actually lots of things out there that can knock our socks off. Take, for example, rabbits that are as big as dogs, crabs whose legs are over 12 ft long, or cacti that are almost 80 ft tall.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have prepared some pics of gigantic things and animals that make it hard to believe your own eyes.

1. Think of it as a slimy bunny in a shell.

The giant African land snail may look a bit like a tiny bunny, albeit slimy and encased in a shell, but, technically, it is a very invasive land pest that likes to eat and lay eggs rapidly. Initially found only in East Africa, the pet trade has introduced them all over the world, with detrimental results. Adult snails can go grow as big as 8-in long and have a 5-in diameter.

2. Japanese spider crabs have a 12.5-ft leg span.

The Japanese spider crab may start small at just 0.3 in, but they are the world’s largest crustaceans with a leg span of 12.5 ft. Not only do they live for 100 years, but these large spider-like creatures are actually the gentle giants of the sea. In Japan, they are considered a delicacy.

3. “My grandad showing off his gigantic homegrown cabbage”

4. Cacti can be tree-sized too.

The typical symbol of a desert, the saguaro cactus can grow taller than a tree. While common, average heights of this spiny desert plant can reach 40 ft, a recorded specimen was measured at a whopping 78 ft.

5. A beetle the size of a mouse

The African goliath beetle is one the largest beetles of the scarab family, with adults reaching almost 12 cm in length. They mostly live in Africa and eat foods like tree sap and rotten fruit that are high in sugar. The image shown above is of a female.

6. An ostrich egg with a chicken egg for comparison

The ostrich lays the biggest egg amongst birds that are alive today. Plus, its egg also holds the record for being the largest cell in the world, reaching 6 inches in length and 5 in diameter. Not eaten as much as reality TV shows would like you to believe, ostrich eggs can weigh 1.3 kg.

7. “Huge mushroom growing in my yard”

8. A bear-sized wild boar

Ordinarily, wild boars and other feral hogs can easily cross 200-250 lbs in weight, but sometimes Mother Nature ends up showing her generosity, and a few species can grow up to 1,000 lbs. The picture above shows the skull of a 760-lb wild boar compared to a full-sized wolf’s skull.

9. “A beet I grew in my garden”

10. A friendly, giant stick insect

Stick insects are hardly the scariest of the creatures in the insect world. That said, having a longish-stick fall and suddenly start crawling up your arm could upset even the best of us. While this stick insect seems big, the largest of them can actually grow up to 13 in, giving all non-bug-lovers the heebie-jeebies.

11. “Excessive rain resulted in huge blueberries.”

12. A rabbit the size of a dog

Actually, it looks bigger than the dog. The giant Flemish rabbit was once bred for fur and meat, but its docile and sweet temperament have turned it into a popular pet. The world’s largest rabbit recorded was a giant Flemish that measured 4 ft 3 in length and weighed in at 22 kg.

13. An absolute wolf-dog hybrid unit

Pictured above is Yuki, a wolf-dog hybrid created by letting a big dog, like an Alaskan malamute or a husky, mate with an actual wolf. Illegal in some states but in demand in many parts of the world, these dogs have a mix of domestic and wild genes in them that can give rise to interesting temperaments.

Has nature ever managed to amaze you with something huge? Were you ever taken aback by the size of something you thought was much smaller? Please share your “big-sized thing” stories with us in the comments.


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