15 People Who Found Something Amazing When They Least Expected It

2 years ago

Life is full of amazing surprises awaiting us at every corner. Maybe you’ll see a huge rabbit that is similar in size to a dog, a bottle with a tiny forest inside, or 17 extra wrappers on your dessert. Our heroes today were not only lucky enough to see such unique things but also to take a picture of them to share with other people.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are eager to share their curious finds with you.

“My 1.5-lb absolute unit of a rat”

“Sir Bunnington III, an 8-month-old continental giant”

“Somehow half of the bottom trunk of this tree was cut but the tree still managed to survive.”

“I lifted up this tablecloth and revealed a perfect imprint of dust.”

“This fallen leaf I found with an L pattern on it”

“My Reese’s cup had 17 extra wrappers on it.”

“A frost pattern on a car this morning”

A massive Boletus edulis (King Bolete) on the Oregon coast

“My grandpa’s cool eye”

“Found a tiny greenhouse in the woods.”

“My cat has one little curly whisker.”

“A red fox agate from Patagonia”

“Found this mushroom on a walk today — it has some interesting colors.”

“This oak tree burning from the inside out after being struck by lightning”

“These bananas are the size of my arm.”

What has been the most spectacular thing you’ve ever found randomly? Was it something you kept as a memento or just happened to see?


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