17 People Whose Body Parts Attract a Lot of Attention

2 years ago

When they say that not all people are the same, they actually mean it. For example, about 5% of people worldwide are born with elf ears. Something more common is polydactyly, since 1 in 1,000 people have an extra toe or finger. So, it’s not really a matter or being weird, but being a member in that special club of unique features.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is amazed at how the human body evolves and surprises us in the most unique ways possible.

1. “This burn on my finger doesn’t get dirty.”

2. The melanin Goddess

3. “My left eye has a weird birth mark.”

4. “Was at a water park and seen the ’hang six’ on the wall it so happens I have 6 toes on my left foot.”

5. “My left big toe is way bigger than my right one.”

6. “My daughter’s elf ears”

7. “There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button.”

8. “I’m able to bend just my finger tips without bending the other joints.”

9. “My middle finger curves upwards.”

10. Hair to cover you like a blanket.

11. “My little finger is my biggest finger.”

12. “My 2nd toe is a lot longer than the rest of my foot.”

13. Heterochromia at its finest

14. “Thing I can do with my double palm thumb joint.”

15. “My sister’s blood circulation makes it look like her middle finger belongs to someone else.”

16. “Snowflake eyes.”

17. “My son is jacked.”

Do you have any characteristics that would make everyone stare at you?

Preview photo credit Philly_cheapskate / reddit


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