15+ People Who Were Lucky Enough to Stumble Upon Rare Gems

2 years ago

There are ordinary days, and then there are awesome ones in which we get more than we asked for. From finding massive units of vegetables in the grocery store and encountering giant animals, to seeing a “flat” house — these lucky people stumbled upon sights that we don’t see every day.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected photos of these rare finds, which unbelievably exist and were fortunately captured on camera.

1. “Huge mushroom growing in my yard (basketball for reference)”

2. A giant African snail as a pet

3. “Pringles released an extra-long can for Pakistan’s Independence Day.”

4. “An absolute rotund boy of a blueberry”

5. “This leaf I found in the park”

6. “This absolute unit of an onion I bought today at 2.5 lbs”

7. There’s nothing cuter than a polydactyl cat that, instead of 18 toes, has more than 20 in total.

8. “This cabbage at the Alaska State Fair”

9. “This house looks like it has no backside.”

10. “This deformed sweet potato I found at work”

11. “A western (Australian) pygmy possum”

12. “Absolute units of potatoes from Idaho”

13. These are some pretty big tires.

14. Looks like a lemon that would last you one month.

15. A giant friendly grasshopper

16. “A tiny baby hummingbird compared to the size of a raspberry”

17. “She said she wanted the biggest cinnamon roll they had.”

18. “This pterodactyl of a moth that a customer of mine found on his farm”

Have you ever seen anything you felt the rest of the world had to see and rushed to take a picture of it? If so, feel free to share these unbelievable photos with us.


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