17 People Whose Jobs Are Very Different From a Regular Nine-to-Five

2 years ago

When we think about our jobs, we tend to think about mundane tasks that are generally pretty boring. However, even the most fun jobs have boring aspects, so we should try to find things we sincerely enjoy. It’s important because research shows that job satisfaction is directly connected to how content we are with our lives.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some pics that show how drastically different our jobs can be to help us remember to look at the bright side of things.

“I work at a small coffee shop. My boss just absent-mindedly poured unroasted beans into a batch of roasted ones. Here’s us separating 10,000 beans... by hand.”

Do you still want to complain about your boring office job?

“Working from home sounded really nice at first.”

“I told a customer it wouldn’t work, but she insisted. When she saw it, she said nothing and left.”

Starting the day with a riddle

“I had to blast an asphalt tank a while ago. I was wearing bright yellow rain gear.”

“Dropped a few pallets with milk but took a great selfie.”

“Today is the first day for our return to office work in my new company, this is what is posted in their toilet cubicles.”

When you don’t want anyone to use your belongings:

Be careful if you want to work outside.

“My work replaced the lamps with ones that are slightly green and now the staff corridor looks like the Alien movie.”

“If you’ve worked the night shift at a gas station, you know this type of creepy person...”

When your work literally makes you fly:

“This is Derek. He’s the night manager at the doggy daycare and he wants some treats.”

When you return back from vacation:

“I accidentally set my phone down on some acetone at work, now it looks like this.”

When you have to interview a volleyball player:

Have you ever been puzzled at work? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit CensoryDeprivation / Reddit


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