17 Photos That Show Nothing Changes a Man More Than Becoming a Father

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Becoming a parent opens a completely new chapter in your life. And while all moms can agree they miss having a good night’s sleep and the luxury of going to the bathroom alone, fathers’ lives also change forever. There’s a special bond between dads and their little bundles of joy, and all their hard work is incredibly rewarding.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered for you 17 photos of dads and their kids that will make you smile and shed a tear at the same time.

1. “It’s the dad and daughter unicorn sewing session!”

2. “With my son’s autism, there is a lot of repetition and routine he uses to find comfort. He has snuggled the same way for 19 years.”

3. “Found this when I got home from work.”

4. “I painted a mural for my son. Took me forever, but I’m so proud.”

5. “She’s my whole world.”

6. “Made this rocking chair when I was 14. 38 now, and I have finally realized it belongs to my son. His face makes all those years worth it.”

7. “My dad wore this Hawaiian shirt to every graduation, performance, and football game of all five children.”

8. “Let’s go Astros! 4 years ago... father and son. Been with the Astros through thick and thin. Pops is in his 93... Let’s do this!”

9. “My 5-year-old son, on seeing us (mom and dad) at his pre-school graduation...”

10. “Just had son #2, so my dad sent my first two jerseys for the boys to wear when they’re older. So many good memories from these years.”

11. “Nearly 400 pounds lost between the three of us. Father and sons getting fit.”

12. “Father and son bond fishing while the sun is setting.”

13. “After 13 years, father and son are reunited.”

14. “My son absolutely loves Spider-Man. He is in for a surprise when this guy comes trick-or-treating with him.”

15. “Dad and son switching hats.”

16. “Watching a movie and my 5-year-old put his hand on mine, looked at me, and said ’I love you, daddy. You’re a good dad.’”

17. “Snowy day outside. Son and I decided to make a banana cream pie! He decorated it.”

What do you like or liked to do most with your dad? What are your best memories together? What does your dad mean to you?

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