20 People Whose Expectations Went Down the Drain

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They say life is a game of chance and our decisions affect our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the people on this list made some bad choices. As a result, they got disappointing — albeit funny — product fails. But the silver lining is that they probably learned their lesson and perhaps got a laugh out of the experience too.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 people who may need a comforting pat on the back after facing disappointment head-on.

1. “Remind me to read an online store’s reviews the next time I’m looking for a predator Mogwai.”

2. “My girlfriend tried to recreate a photo she saw online with our cat.”

3. Someone paid $18.60 for this “smashed avocado on toast.”

4. “I can’t believe this is an actual dish.”

5. “My husband ordered a hand-painted photo of us for our anniversary. It’s humbling, to say the least.”

6. “My husband tried to make my daughter a birthday cake. I can see the similarities.”

7. “My meat pie tonight turned out to be solid pastry all through.”

8. “This painting my grandmother copied”

9. “I painted a pumpkin. Didn’t go as planned!”

10. “Genuinely how my school packages their chips — they just gave me 4.”

11. This man made his first cake, and it didn’t go as planned.

12. “I ordered clothes on an online store after clicking Instagram store ads.”

13. “Spent $40 getting my nails done: what I asked for vs what I got!”

14. “My partner paid a local cake maker and got me a really...thoughtful gift this year.”

15. “An online impulse buy, a.k.a. leggings from China”

16. “My disappointment is immeasurable.”

17. “Definitely less than what was advertised...”

18. “Ordered this mask online vs what I received”

19. “My mother ordered a fall wreath from a Facebook ad. Weeks later, a tiny package showed up.”

20. “What was ordered vs what I just received in the mail today...”

What are your online shopping horror stories? What skill are you working on improving at the moment?

Preview photo credit palebot / Reddit


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