17 Photos That Show the Power of Heredity

2 years ago

According to science, we all are more than 99% identical on a genetic level. And while it might feel weird to meet a total stranger that looks a lot like you, it comes as no surprise that you may resemble someone from your family. The heroes of this article made side-by-side collages that prove how powerful genes are.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything were amazed by how similar members of one family can look.

1. “My son and I, myself as a toddler”

2. ’’My mom gave birth to me 39 years ago, and my sister gave birth to my niece yesterday.’’

3. “Paternal grandfather and myself”

4. ’’I didn’t realize I gave birth to my grandpa until today.’’

5. “Grandfather, father, and myself”

6. ’’My dad and me, reconnecting after 40 years’’

7. ’’My great-grandad and his grandad who he was named after’’

8. ’’I never got to meet my grandmother, but I was always told we look alike.’’

9. ’’My great-grandfather at age 29 in the year 1895, and me at age 32 today’’

10. ’’My birth mom and me’’

11. ’’My 4 times great-grandmother and me, side by side’’

12. ’’Genes are strong in my family. This is a picture of my dad and me."

13. ’’My son and my dad at age 2 — my dad’s photo was taken in the early ’30s and my son’s, in 2014.’’

14. ’’My husband didn’t believe that he looked like his sister until he tried the Snapchat filter.’’

15. ’’As I get older, I realize I am slowly becoming my dad.’’

16. ’’My sister, my cousin, and I all have the same weird smile, I never noticed until this photo.’’

17. “A picture comparison between my maternal grandfather and me”

Do you look exactly like someone in your family? Do you think that personality traits or facial features are more often transmitted by genes?

Preview photo credit TomieJunji / Reddit


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