18 People Showing Why Their Pets Are Their Most Loyal Friends

2 years ago

Pets aren’t just our companions and our best friends but also creatures that teach us how to make friends and be more sociable. That’s easy to understand since most dog owners will take their dog for a walk and meet others during that time. Obviously, having a dog is nothing new or super unique, but it is definitely common ground for 2 people to start talking and become friends.

Now I’ve Seen Everything realizes that pets are as important as family, and they should be cherished on a daily basis.

1. “My best friend and me, 10 years later”

2. “My cat and me, 19 years later”

3. “My cat’s name is Mr. Kitty and he pretty much ran my block for a good 10 years.”

4. “My dog, Bear, and me — no one could’ve asked for a better friend.”

5. “Before and after, 2005 to 2020, my 16-year-old boy”

6. “16 years later in the same pose, with the same cat, and the same hair...”

7. “15 years later, still best friends”

8. “When we first took her home vs 22 years later — a right old crow!”

9. “My cat and me circa 2000, 2012, and 2018 — she’s deaf and mostly blind but always purring.”

10. “My dog and me when he was a puppy and now, at 16 years old!”

11. “My cat and me — 10 years and 10 days apart”

12. “Little guy wouldn’t let me hold him this year, but here’s another year later.”

13. “This was a few days after I got my first kitten and the day before I lost him — 14 years with my best friend.”

14. “Me with my 17-year-old cat”

15. “My cat, Beastie, and me in 2008 vs 2018”

16. “My dog and me, 17 years apart — she’s been alive for half my life.”

17. “My dog and me at 16 weeks vs 4 years — she’s a better blanket now.”

18. “17 years later, Dodger the doxie is on his way to outlive the whole family.”

How many years have you had your pet with you, and what are some of the most amazing memories you have with them?

Preview photo credit AlabamaIceMan / reddit


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