20 People Shared How They Managed to Stop Freeloaders From Taking Advantage of Them

4 months ago

In this world, there are people who lie all the time without caring about anything and think only about their own benefit. Those who come across these kinds of insolent people pay the price, it’s sad but true. Then there are those who end up providing food for the freeloaders at parties or explaining to the indignant ones the quality of the things they were given for free.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered the anecdotes of some brave souls who faced people without an ounce of shame.

  • We have a small taco business, my husband always gave a taco to a guy who came by to pick up the garbage; it is worth mentioning that when my husband was not there, the guy did not come by for the taco. For 4 weekends, my husband was gone. Then the boy approached me and asked me if my husband was there because, with this one, I already owed him 5 tacos: “But it doesn’t matter, you pay me for them.” He didn’t want the tacos, he wanted the money! You can imagine where I sent him. © Vero Lopez / Facebook
  • We were washing the front of my house; a family approached and asked me if they could take a bath, they were the parents and 5 children. They took a bath, we felt sorry for them and told them we were going to give them something to eat, arepa and chocolate. The oldest daughter said, “I eat, but the arepa is with butter, eggs, and cheese.” I laughed because I thought it was a joke, but I looked at her and she said, “You bring it to me like this.” I said, “There is none for me, am I going to give it to you?” She was very pretty, but every time they passed by, because of her, I didn’t open the door for them. © Adriana Saraz / Facebook
  • “My best friend.” She started working about 2 years after I did, we hit it off from the beginning. Our friendship was already 4 years old, I was pregnant and saving for when the baby was born. She didn’t have much of a chance in the position I was leaving, because she didn’t know anything, and my boss told her to look for a course, but she told me she didn’t have the money to pay for it. I wanted to leave someone I trusted in charge of my clients, so I offered to give her a loan and help her with material to take courses.
    One day, I asked her about a technique and she told me to study or pay for a course because she had not learned it for free. I asked for my money back and she refused, claiming that I had paid her for the course and that, as a friend, she thought it was wrong for me to charge her. Not satisfied, she badmouthed me to my boss and my clients. When I confronted her, she told me that she had never liked me. I decided that I would never be friends with coworkers again. The betrayal hurt, but I learned my lesson. © Mayumi Carmona Bello / Facebook
  • When we got paid at work, we would buy sandwiches or something to eat before we left. One co-worker would call her husband and 3 children to come and eat too. The detail is that she never put down a penny and 5 people ate. We stopped eating and meeting because of this. © Bea Catan Grispo / Facebook
  • I had a boyfriend who liked the good life, but he was a little difficult when it came to paying. Once I told him that I had made friends with a professor from my university who came to teach classes from another city and stayed alone in a hotel. My boyfriend, who was a very sociable person, immediately contacted the professor and invited him to dinner at a very expensive place. We went to the restaurant and he ordered many dishes so that the professor could taste the delicacies of our city. When my boyfriend asked for the bill (which, by the way, was very high), at that moment he happened to use the bathroom, the bill came and it took more than half an hour to come back, so the professor had to take out his wallet and pay the bill.
    On another occasion, when I graduated and got my first job, I received my salary and very happily told my boyfriend about it. He told me that at that moment I needed to pay for something near my house, but he didn’t have time to go to the bank to withdraw money. I didn’t have any at the time, but I told him: “Use my card and bring it back tomorrow.” He did bring it back the next day, but it was empty. By the time I saw the transactions, he had gone out to dinner and on a spree that night, but not before stopping at a clothing store and buying a very fine suit. It took me years to realize that he was a deadbeat, blind love. © Susana Sanchez-Ferrer / Facebook
  • My friend is very innocent. One day, she told me and another friend that she had to pay her co-worker’s salary. She told us that they had been paid and, as they were walking along, her co-worker asked her to keep her paycheck in her backpack. The worst part is that my friend wore the backpack on her back the whole time. As they were walking, her partner yelled and told her that her backpack was open, my friend saw that neither her paycheck nor her partner’s paycheck was there, who told her that she had to pay her back what had been stolen. When she finished her story, we realized that she had been cheated. © Francisca Sofia Orellano / Facebook

What on earth are you injecting people with? I dont really know whats worse, her expecting you to have cotton for an "injection" or you for having what ever it is to inject and charge people for!

  • A neighbor asked me to borrow a shovel. I gave it to him, but he was one of those who “forgot to give it back,” I had to ask him for it because he didn’t do it. One day, his brother came with all his arrogance to tell me: “Pass me the shovel, I need it”. I, out of my mind, told him, "What shovel? I don’t have anything of his. And the guy said, “My brother’s shovel,” still exasperated. I told him that it was mine and that I couldn’t lend it to him because I was about to use it. © Celeste Paz / Facebook
  • I follow several neighborhood groups on social media. Today, coincidentally, a woman asked for help to celebrate her son’s birthday. Another woman commented that since June that woman has been asking for the single mother next door, for the unemployed brother or for her and her children. They never offer the services of ironing or cleaning. Now there are so many people who are moochers. © Xinia Castro / Facebook
  • I was selling beauty products and a colleague ordered several from me. I gave them to her since she would pay me a week later. A few months went by and at first she didn’t pay attention to me, avoiding me at work. Then he said he had had problems and didn’t have the money. One day, I saw that in his social networks he was showing off his new tattoo, so in the same networks I told him that I wanted my payment. The next day, angry, she threw the money on my desk and asked me, “When do the other products arrive?” Obviously, I told her, “Did you think I was going to order more products if you didn’t pay me first?” We don’t talk anymore. © Ariana Pensso / Facebook
  • I work in a hotel. It turns out that 2 brothers rented a room for the night, check-in time was at 3 p.m. One brother was already in the room and the other arrived at 7 p.m. He came to the front desk to demand that we give him a clean room because his brother had been there for 4 hours and it was dirty. Very politely, my partner told him yes, he could rent another one if he wanted, but this guy got a little violent because he wanted a clean one without paying. © Yanexy Domínguez / Facebook
  • One afternoon, my mom and I came home from shopping when we heard a very urgent knock at the front door. When we came out, it was the neighbor who needed to borrow money for a cab, as his daughter was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. I pulled out a high-value bill that covered his round trip, he took it and told me that, as soon as he had money, he would pay me back. I remember saying to my mom, “I’ll give it to him, I know what it’s like to be like that and not have any money.” The thing is that, from that day on, she never treated me again. © Mildred Daniela Hernandez / Facebook
  • In Mexico, we have the custom of having godparents for graduation. A friend asked my husband and me if we wanted to be godparents for her daughter’s graduation, and we happily accepted. The custom is to give flowers, a gift, and go out to dinner together. We arrived at graduation and my friend came out to greet us, took the flowers and the gift, left us at the door, and went with her family. They took pictures and celebrated, and when it was time to greet the graduate, her sister and brother-in-law came by with our gift instead of us. The graduate asked us what pictures we were going to give her and I told her all the pictures where she was with us: none. We left the place without taking them to dinner. © Norma Martinez / Facebook

Some of these stories dont make much sense. The one who had a neighbor who needed cab money to go to the hospital. The person states that they gave him money as the knew how it felt to be in that position and then it ends with ' The thing is that, from that day on, she never treated me again' Huh? Treated them to what and why? it was a guy who borrowed the money and the lender was out shopping with mom, so did that persons mother never treat their child to something for the rest of their days??

  • My mother met a lady who had many children and was in bad financial shape (we didn’t have much money), but my mother was touched by her story and gave her a few bills. The surprising thing was that this lady found out where we lived and came to borrow money. On 2 occasions, my mom lent to her. She had a grown son and my mom, not wanting to offend, asked her, “Why don’t you look for a job?” That was the trigger for them, they got angry saying why were they humiliating them (I was the same age as that boy and already working). Then they started to look at us badly and told us that we were unfriendly and haughty people. © Lisseth Medina / Facebook
  • I hired a helper to dig a gutter to bring light to the back of my house, which is 60 m of land. The guy only came the first day and then called me to tell me that his grandfather was hospitalized. The next day, his girlfriend was also hospitalized. Anyway, he never showed up again, but he did call to charge me for the work he never finished. © Maria Silva / Facebook
  • A couple who had been living together for 10 years asked me to be the godmother at their wedding. They came to my house with a basket of wine, chocolate, and bread, and I thought, “What detail.” They told me that, being godmother, it was my turn to give them the white gold rings, the veil, the bouquet, and the bride’s shoes. I had to pay for the music for the party and lend them my car to take them to the church and then to the party. I told them that the gift was up to me, that if they wanted gold rings, a veil, a bouquet, shoes, music for the party, and a cab, they should pay for it. They told me I was ungrateful because it was an honor to be a godmother. They got up and took their basket. © Noor Cast / Facebook

Have you ever encountered people like this? What’s the most unusual story you’ve had with a cheeky person?

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