17 Times Luck Knocked on People’s Door When They Least Expected It

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There are times when people will refer to themselves or others as lucky or unlucky beings. They will often attribute the good things that happen to them to good luck and the negative ones to bad luck. But, the truth is that people who are more open to the world see and grab opportunities that appear in front of them. On the other hand, people who believe they are unlucky close themselves up and worry too much about one thing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that humans make their own luck when it comes to important matters, but sometimes unexpected things happen that can only be attributed to pure luck.

1. “I’m a lucky girl to get away with this for 20 minutes driving around town.”

2. “Found this pink grasshopper today.”

3. “I had to do it, made my own lottery and I won BIG!”

4. “Fairy tales do come true; I met this man on a platform for chatting with random people.”

5. “I collect old purses from thrift stores. I pulled this out of a hard-to-see zip pocket in the side.”

6. “Lucky upgrade to Business Class.”

7. “My roommate and I were walking through Target when this happened.”

8. “Amazing thrift store find: pup edition”

9. “Kittens have started to run all over the place. We’re so lucky to have a stern but fair cat sitter.”

10. “Was mowing the lawn and suddenly found this. No bunnies were hurt.”

11. “Finally finished the thrift flip I’ve been working on for about a month!”

12. “An apple on this apple.”

13. “I thrifted this really pretty Victorian mourning brooch for $35.00.”

14. “My corgi bringing joy to an elderly man whom she met this morning.”

15. “My grandpa lost his finger 50 years ago. A few years ago, my uncle found the ring with a metal detector.”

16. “We accidentally bought portal rings. We just got our favorite colors.”

17. “I live in Orlando and my car is on the left. Roommate’s is on the right.”

Do you feel like you are a lucky person and if so, has anything wonderful happened to you when you had no expectation of it?


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