17 Times People Witnessed How Fast Time Flies

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One of the greatest pleasures in life is to relive your favorite memories when looking at old photos. Some people decide to take it to the next level by recreating the same pics many years later. We don’t know if the magic of the original moment came back for the heroes of today’s article, but one thing is certain — the results are exceptionally heartwarming.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share the joy of going back in time with you.

1. “18 years later”

2. “Cousins, 1998 and 2021”

3. “We were destined to get this Titanic set (1998 vs 2022).”

4. “6 years and 100 lbs later, happy birthday, Bailey.”

5. “Me in 1995 and my son 15 years later with the same bunny Jello mold my mom kept all these years”

6. “Thirty years later...”

7. “65 years later, wearing my grandma’s bridal headpiece”

8. “Breeze, the baby horse, is all grown up but still sleeps with his teddy years later.”

9. “My mom in 1990 and me in 2020. We’ve been called twins for the longest!”

10. “My dad made this for me for my sixth-grade costume. Today, I figured I’d see if I could still put it on.”

11. “There are approximately 20 years between these 2 photos of my mom and me. I painted her face, she painted mine.”

12. “My parents in 1976 and 2020 — they have been married 39 years this year.”

13. “We recreated a childhood photo from a birthday party 20 years later at Thanksgiving.”

14. “My uncle delivered my cousin in the first picture and, 21 years later, they reenacted the scene.”

15. “My mom on her wedding day in 1972 and then in 2021 — on the exact same step”

16. “4 brothers recreate the same childhood photo 14 years later”

17. “Find a barber you trust and stick with them.”

Have you taken any pictures that show how people and situations have remained the same no matter how many years have gone by?

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