17 Women Who Embraced Their Gray Hair and Now Look Even More Stunning

2 years ago

While some people notice gray hair in their mid-30s, other lucky ones don’t see a single gray strand until their mid-40s. Many women dye their hair to cover their silver locks, but lately, more and more women, including celebrities, are proudly showing off their gray manes.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire these strong and confident women who look absolutely beautiful with their gray hair.

“Three years ago, my wife stopped coloring her hair.”

“One year since I stopped coloring my hair and let the grays take over. It’s so much healthier now!”

“Washday gray — minimal effort”

“It’s funny that I get compliments on the color all the time.”

“Gray curls look fab too!”

“I found my first gray at 12. Had it ever since and now it’s wanting to take over at 31. I love it.”

“Alien gray”

“One year ago, before the big chop, and today. I rock my white hair with more confidence now; I always used to try to tuck and hide them away.”

“Well, I finally did it! I cut over 12 inches off my hair! It feels so great!! And now my gray hair feels like it’s catching up to the rest of my hair.”

“Letting my gray hair grow”

“Life is beautiful.”

“42 on Sunday and love my gray hair.”

“My gray curls are looking great today.”

“I just turned 32. I’ve had gray hair since I was 11.”

“My mom’s hair amazes me; she’s so beautiful.”

“49 and curly hair... Mostly gray now... Finally learned to love it after years of straightening and blow-drying.”

“There is something about it that makes me feel a sense of pride, like I don’t care what anybody thinks because I know it’s beautiful!”

Do you think that gray hair should be hidden? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit amkakenya / Reddit


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