15+ People Who Emerged From Their Awkward Phase as Beautiful Swans

2 years ago

Most people feel awkward during puberty because of all the changes happening in their bodies. But just like caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies, the process allows us to “glow-up.” As we age, we also learn how to take better care of ourselves — and this self-love can do wonders for our looks and overall well-being.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up these 17 before-and-after photos, which prove that things do get better after our “troublesome” years.

1. “You could say I grew into my nose. From 13 to 23 years old.”

2. “Turns out I have a jawline after all.”

3. “From very awkward teen to very confident woman!”

4. “I lost weight and got into fashion. My face shape also naturally changed toward my late teens and early twenties.”

5. “I ate like a monster as a kid, but I’ve learned I’m sensitive to sodium, and that really helps with the puffiness.”

6. “No Brad Pitt or anything. But all things considered, I did alright.”

7. “Not super drastic, but I started taking care of my skin and hair more.”

8. “From 17 to 27”

9. “Shaved my head, learned to do eyeliner, and got contacts this year. I’m glad to finally see a difference.”

10. “Starting to get confident again.”

11. Felt ugly through my entire puberty and got bullied for it. After turning 18, my appearance totally changed."

12. “He went from stealing my burger to stealing my girlfriend.”

13. “Freed my eyes and brows, lost the belly and got a tan.”

14. “From middle school to grad school”

15. “I was perpetually red...”

16. “Got a physically demanding job and lost close to 60 pounds.”

17. “From ugly duckling to werewolf”

  • “My brain refuses to believe this is real. That’s the best I’ve ever seen so far.” — © kwebax / Reddit

How did puberty change you? What impact did it have on your life?

Preview photo credit habaroa / Reddit, kwebax / Reddit


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