18 Photos Where Things Hid in Plain Sight Until They Said, “Gotcha!”

2 years ago

It’s not only chameleons that love to camouflage and blend into their surroundings. Inanimate objects and other animals also possess this superpower, and let’s admit it, if we could have the chance to be invisible for just a day, we’d say yes without thinking.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered a collection of pics that had us fooled until we read the explanation — can you figure them out without reading the captions?

1. “New cat blends in perfectly with the couch blanket.”

2. “The present I got and the dress I’m wearing!”

3. “Who wore it best?”

4. “Testing out a recliner — it matches, might buy it.”

5. “A true fan knows no boundaries when it comes to floral print.”

6. “Hospital toilet floor / nail polish”

7. “I couldn’t find the cat right away.”

8. “My 3-year-old against his great-grandma’s carpet”

9. “I’m urban combat-ready.”

10. “Her socks match the rubber thing on the train perfectly.”

11. “I was taking a picture of my new hair color and realized after that it matched the tree behind me.”

12. “My husband and I were on a road trip and thought it was mildly hilarious how much he matched.”

13. “Picnic time”

14. “Noticed this woman’s skirt blended in with the floor while waiting for my parents at the airport.”

15. “Thought my feet disappeared in my boyfriend’s bathroom.”

16. Top camo (pants blend with floor)

17. “Shoes are missing. Please help me find them!”

18. We can’t be-leaf this level of camouflage exists.

What article of clothing do you own with a print that blends in perfectly with objects around you? What else in your environment manages to blend in like a chameleon?


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