23 Bizarre Moments We’d Never Believe If They Weren’t Captured in a Photo

2 years ago

Sometimes things happen that make us stop, look, and think. We’re not talking about studies or culture, but about those instants in which we had to stop and ask, “Is what I’m seeing real?” Luckily, some users were quick on their feet and photographed those moments for posterity. Who meets a Hollywood actor twice, 3 years apart, and the actor has the SAME shirt on?

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we’re still wondering if these types of photographs are coincidences or destiny itself. What do you think?

1. “Glitch at JFK Airport”

2. “This black car looks like a mirror after being washed.”

3. “Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14 and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same T-shirt both times.”

4. “My friend’s dad is at a Santa convention for people who play Santa during Christmas. This is during breakfast at the hotel.”

5. “This half-green, half-red grape I found”

6. “The shadow of this bench looks like pixels in this picture I took.”

7. “My sister took a picture of a bird closing its wings mid-flight.”

8. “Parallel processing threads”

9. “This woman has a tattoo on her shoulder that is the exact same as the design on this guy’s shirt.”

10. “Reflections in the window look like a glitch in a skybox.”

11. “This tree looks like a graphics glitch.”

12. “These sidewalk tiles look like a glitch.”

13. “A TV scene changed while the photo was being taken.”

14. “The shutter on my analog camera glitched and now my friend looks like he’s floating.”

15. “These melons look like they glitched and ran out of ink.”

16. This cat mosaic is a true masterpiece.

17. “When you decrease shadow resolution...”

18. The peel of this apple really catches the eye.

19. This spessartine from Brazil appears to have carved buildings of a large city.

20. “So the clouds just end there? Interesting...”

21. Walking through the city and you meet your clone, very casual...

22. “On our walk today, we met 2 dogs identical to ours.”

23. “My eyes hurt.”

What do you think when you see these kinds of images? Have you ever taken pictures like these? Be sure to share them with us!


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