18 Pics We Are Desperate to Have an Explanation For

2 years ago

Each and every human brain is unique and none are identical to another. The scientific community doesn’t know exactly how and why this is the case, but it certainly makes sense when applying this to everyday life. That’s why we often wonder what others were thinking when acting the way they were. We can’t understand their brain simply because ours is functioning differently.

Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t help but notice these 18 baffling pictures online that will need some additional information.

1. “Found this on my fence this morning!”

2. That must be the coolest way to travel.

3. “Taste (one color of) the rainbow.”

4. “The man sitting in front of me on the train is using a Twix as a pillow.”

5. Can you guess why there are so many staircases?

“Looks like it used to be a spiral staircase that was removed to make way for a standard staircase. The bottom portion against the wall was probably left due to laziness or as a neat artifact. ”
the_***man / reddit

6. “There is just so much wrong here.”

7. “The joy of spreading butter in January.”

8. “In the corner of my school’s IT room”

9. “My mom once popped outside the theater and I couldn’t tell which one she was.”

10. “Whoa, that’s gonna start a rumble.”

11. “My friend’s denim jeans are so thick they can stand up on their own.”

12. The reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses.

13. “How I woke up to my mom’s dog”

14. “A group of managers at RBC decided to take a picture in the outfits they use for zoom meetings.”

15. New horror movie? No, just a mosquito flying in front of the lens.

16. Look twice, there are no eyes on this photo.

17. We would never have believed it unless it was captured in a photo.

18. What will this mini barrier block?

Have your eyes ever deceived you and made you think you’re looking at something completely different than reality?

Preview photo credit Brownian-Motion / reddit


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