18 Single Dads Who’d Move Heaven and Earth to See Their Children Smile and Shine in Life

2 years ago

There are men who, without having a partner to accompany them on the parenting journey, have given their best. When you are a single dad, whether due to a separation, the loss of your spouse, or another reason, your day-to-day life can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re no longer just the late-night storyteller, you’re also the chef, the doctor, the personal stylist, the wound kisser, the money tree, and more. You become an all-rounder.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we applaud the work of fathers who’d move heaven and earth to see their children smile and shine in life.

1. “9 months since the divorce, I have full custody.”

2. “This is the type of ’matching his and hers’ I need in my life!”

3. “Took my daughter with me to help pick out our new puppy. Being a single dad is tough, but moments like this make it well worth it. They already love each other.”

4. “Time for a 10 mile adventure!”

5. “My happy little dude just turned 4 months. Raising him as a single dad has been tough, but rewarding.”

6. When you are a single parent with a daughter:

7. “I had to put my foot down and tell my 7-year-old daughter that there was no way she was getting a dog for Chanukah, no matter how much she asked. Anyway, meet Waffle.”

8. “My daughter and I got matching tattoos”

9. “Being a single dad doesn’t stop me from having a Valentine’s date”

10. “I’m a single dad going through a divorce. Despite the hardship and difficulties I received this from my daughter. Guess I’m doing something right.”

11. “First Halloween as a single dad. She’s 3 and demanded we both be princesses.”

12. “I became a single dad 12 years ago and chose to focus my life around my kids, all I can say is I’m so proud of these 2. Perfect in every way.”

13. “Been almost a month since mom left, but our time together is always all smiles.”

14. “I am now officially the proud father of a high school graduate, a feat his mother and I never accomplished. I know she’s smiling down on him from heaven.”

15. “Single father for close to a year. Proud to be showing these fireworks to this little guy.”

16. “First Christmas as a single dad. I did my best and she enjoyed herself I think!”

17. “After I got divorced, I looked for creative things to do with my boys. Here is us doing Falconry in 2015 (these are hawks).”

18. “This little heart on my hand is called a “cuddle button.”

“Since my wife died last year, my 4 y/o daughter has hated being away from me. Her teacher draws this on both our hands when I drop her off at school and every time we press it, it sends a hug to the other. It helps her feel connected to me.”

Do you know any single moms or dads? Tell us their story, they are often inspiring, emotional, and full of incredible inner strength. Or maybe you are the one who is raising a kiddo right now?

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