14 Ladies Who Are Lucky Enough to Be Wives of the Most Attractive Men in the Movie World

7 months ago

Actors like Jude Law, Woody Harrelson or Matt Damon are the dream of millions of women. But the hearts of these Hollywood beauties have long been given to their wives. Moreover, often these women are not celebrities like their husbands. They may have quite ordinary profession and lifestyle.
We were interested to see these lucky ladies, who managed to get the main heartbreakers of the world of cinema.

Jude Law and Phillipa Coan

Jude Law and his spouse, Phillipa Coan, lead a notably discreet lifestyle. The renowned Fantastic Beasts actor and the psychologist are said to have crossed paths through mutual acquaintances and initially became linked in 2015. Four years down the line, the couple surprised their admirers by solemnizing their union in a modest, unanticipated wedding ceremony held in London. Additionally, they celebrated the arrival of their inaugural child in 2020.

Law chooses to maintain a low-profile approach to his partnership with his spouse and seldom discloses insights regarding their shared existence. Coan is a highly accomplished behavioral psychologist, exhibiting a deep commitment to assisting organizations in prioritizing sustainability and fostering employee engagement. She even owns her own business.

Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie

Woody Harrelson has been in a relationship with his wife, Laura Louie, for more than three decades. The actor, who gained fame in the 1980s through his role on the iconic sitcom Cheers, initially encountered his future spouse in 1987 when Louie was hired as the personal assistant to the actor of White Men Can’t Jump. Nevertheless, their relationship did not evolve into a romantic one until three years later.

Following Harrelson’s admission of his feelings for Louie, the two embarked on a romantic journey and eventually became parents to three daughters. After twenty years of togetherness, Harrelson and Louie solemnized their union in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Hawaii.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

NICK AGRO / AFP / East News

Since 2005, Matt Damon has been in a marital union with Luciana Barroso, and the couple has been blessed with four children. Hailing from Argentina, Barroso and Damon’s paths first crossed in 2003 during one of Damon’s film shoots. Their union in matrimony followed in 2005, and this brought Damon into the role of a stepfather to Barroso’s daughter.

Notably discreet in her personal life, Barroso eschews social media, occasionally gracing the red carpets alongside Damon. Their circle of friends includes the likes of Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky. They share matching tattoos and wear wedding rings that hold special significance, emblematic of their robust and enduring marital bond.

Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber

Invision / Invision / East News

Renowned for his memorable performances in films such as “Swingers” and “Wedding Crashers,” Vince Vaughn has been in wedded bliss with Kyla Weber since the year 2010. Together, they have welcomed two children into their lives and deliberately maintain a private existence, shielded from the intrusive glare of the limelight.

Hailing originally from Canada, Weber initially pursued a career as a real estate agent before entering the bonds of matrimony with Vaughn. Their fateful encounter occurred at a Los Angeles wedding in 2008, culminating in a romantic engagement on Valentine’s Day in 2009. Since their joyous union in 2010, the couple has shared enduring happiness, with Vaughn openly expressing his profound appreciation for his beloved wife and the boundless joys of parenthood.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

Their initial encounter transpired at a post-Grammys soirée in 2013, marking the genesis of their romantic journey shortly thereafter. Teller extended a heartfelt proposal to Sperry during a South African safari expedition in 2017, and their union was solemnized amidst the scenic beauty of Maui in 2019.

Commemorating their inaugural wedding anniversary, the couple opted for an idyllic island retreat, fostering unwavering support for each other’s professional endeavors. Notably, they jointly graced a Bud Light advertisement during the Super Bowl, a testament to their collaboration. Frequently, this pair openly shares their affection and significant life moments through social media.

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian have been happily wedded since 2013, and their union has been graced by the presence of two children. Their love story commenced in 2010 when they crossed paths amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Coachella, where their hearts entwined.

Lauren, in addition to her role as Aaron’s partner, is a passionate activist who co-founded the Kind Campaign, a nonprofit organization fervently dedicated to eradicating girl-on-girl bullying. Her personal experiences with childhood bullying served as the impetus for this noble endeavor.

Simon Pegg and Maureen McCann

Pegg has tied the knot with Maureen McCann, a publicist in the music industry, and they share the joy of parenthood, caring for their daughter named Matilda. Their family home is currently situated in the peaceful town of Essendon, located in Hertfordshire.

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

Paul Rudd, the actor renowned for his roles in films such as “Clueless” and “Ant-Man,” has shared a marital bond with Julie Yaeger since the year 2003.

Yaeger, a producer and screenwriter, has joined forces with Rudd on various creative endeavors. Their love story originated when Rudd sought out a publicist and happened upon Yaeger’s office, igniting a romance that has endured for nearly two decades and brought forth two children. Intriguingly, despite Rudd’s celebrity status, their children remain unfazed by their dad’s fame.

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey have been happily married since 2005. Their story began in 2003 during the making of the film Gothika, where they first crossed paths. Despite some initial reservations, they took the leap into romance and, astonishingly, got engaged just a month later.

Their union has since been blessed with the joy of two children. Susan has played a pivotal role in Robert’s career, notably championing his casting as Sherlock Holmes in a film she was producing. Together, they founded their own production company, Team Downey, and have jointly released numerous films. Their family expanded with the arrival of their first child in 2011, followed by a second in 2014. The couple commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2015, marking a decade of enduring love and partnership.

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian have shared their lives for nearly 17 years. Their journey began in 2006 when they initially crossed paths on a movie set, and their romantic involvement commenced in 2007 following Johnson’s divorce from his previous spouse. They publicly debuted their relationship on the red carpet in 2013, subsequently gracing various events as a couple.

The duo welcomed their first child, Jasmine, into the world in 2015, followed by the birth of their second child, Tiana, in 2018. In August 2019, they sealed their love in marriage.

Clive Owen and Sarah-Jane Fenton

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Graham Whitby Boot / East News, MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

For nearly three decades, British actor Clive Owen has shared a steadfast bond with his spouse, Sarah-Jane Fenton. Their enduring love story commenced during their shared roles in a production of Romeo and Juliet, and their devotion to one another has remained unwavering.

Sarah-Jane, once an actress herself, redirected her focus towards motherhood and later transitioned into a role as a Mental Health Policy lecturer. Clive attributes much of his successful acting career to his wife’s unwavering support, which allowed him the freedom to pursue his craft without limitations.

Matthew Fox and Margherita Ronchi

RE / Westcom / starmaxinc.com / East News

Having crossed paths during their academic pursuits at Columbia University, this pair exchanged vows in 1992. Margherita Ronchi, originally hailing from Venice, Italy, entered the world as an Italian model and entrepreneur, born in July 1966, and nurtured amidst the fashion-centric backdrop of her hometown.

Margherita embarked on a modeling career in Italy before venturing to the United States. Yet, in time, she chose to step away from her own career endeavors to wholeheartedly champion her husband’s ambitions, American actor Matthew Fox.

Kristofer Hivju and Gry Molvær

Allstar / Izumi Hasegawa / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

Gry is actively engaged in the entertainment field, serving as both a director and producer. Their fifth wedding anniversary was commemorated in the year 2020. Gry has garnered experience in the realms of photography and documentary filmmaking, embarking on her directorial journey with a documentary penned by her spouse.

While they are parents to two daughters, the couple remains steadfast in safeguarding their children’s privacy, choosing to keep them out of the public eye.

Christian Bale and Sibi Blažić

Christian Bale initially crossed paths with his future wife, Sibi Blažić, thanks to his friend Winona Ryder. During that period, Blažić held the role of Ryder’s personal assistant while simultaneously aspiring to a career in modeling. Since 2000, Bale and Blažić have been united in matrimony and are parents to two children. However, it’s important to note that they maintain an exceptionally private profile, so one should not anticipate hearing many additional insights about the evolution of their love story or the particulars of their day-to-day existence.

It’s worth noting that these aren’t the only celebrities who try to live secluded and secretive lives. For example, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are of the same opinion. About the personal life of actress Jodie Foster in general for decades was unknown. If you were a star, would you like to share details of your private life with the public?

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