18+ Times People Designed Things That Only Grind Our Gears

2 years ago

If you put creativity and design together, the result is something impressive and practical at the same time. A mastermind who thought a carpeted design would really zhoosh up a bathroom, a designer who put a toilet paper dispenser in an unreachable spot — these are the kind of “artists” of our article.

After seeing the next epic fails, Now I’ve Seen Everything wanted to show you some examples of how not to do certain things.

1. “My grandparent’s carpeted bathroom”

2. “Let’s put the house’s fuse box in the shower.”

3. “Our municipality finally made bike lanes for us!”

4. “May I present to you: The weird stairs at my house.”

5. “This building right in front of our apartment”

6. “Door? No! Window? Also no!”

7. “Not sure what the thinking is here”

8. “This hut is only standing on some bricks. I wonder how long this will hold??”

9. “You have to step over the bathtub to get between the toilet and the sink.”

10. “I have no idea what floor I’m on...”

11. “How do we get the couch up?”

12. “My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house.”

13. “I spent 15 minutes looking for a plug in my hotel room... The only one is behind the radiator.”

14. “Every time I do the dishes, I’m switching the light on and off.”

15. “My room designer put a shelf next to my bookshelf and now I can’t access my books.”

16. “The toilet and the paper being at opposite sides of the room at a hotel I’m staying at”

17. “A drain water can’t flow into”

18. “Which way is my room?”

Have you ever seen strange designs and renovations like these? What were they?

Preview photo credit Iamwallpaper / Reddit


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