15+ Remarkable Before-and-After Transformations

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When you decide to update your look, it can be like a breath of fresh air. Many of us might feel like we get stuck in a routine and feel so used to the way we look, we start to fear change. But in reality, changing something about your appearance can make you more connected with your true self.

“For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like myself!”

“A much needed blue hair transformation”

“3 years of slow progress, but it’s a much healthier me.”

“Weight loss progress: It’s been a 4-year journey. I’m glad I’m able to keep myself active and stay healthy. I have worked really hard to be where I am now. I’m extremely happy to say I’m participating in a beauty pageant. It feels unreal to me.”

“My hair transformation over the last 1.5 years”

“You can smell the confidence in one and the lack of it in the other.”

“My hard work paid off! I felt so beautiful on my wedding day. Now I just have to lose the 10 lb I gained on my honeymoon.”

“Changed my hair, got contacts, cleared up my skin, and lost some weight.”

“Ditched the bangs, got the braces taken off, and found better headwear.”

2 years can change a lot.

“13 to 25, I’m still learning to accept that I don’t look like a boy anymore.”

4 years apart

“A 10-year difference: lost some weight, learned to do my eyebrows, and let my hair grow naturally.”

“The left is an awkwardly developed 11-year-old me, and the right is me now at 26.”

“I still have a ways to go but have come SO far.”

“I thought I was hardcore with that hair.”

“Had a bit of a change done today!”

Preview photo credit renaissancewomen / reddit


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