15 Pics That Show How Parenting Is a Never-Ending Adventure

2 years ago

It’s no secret that parenting can be hard, and some parents become more sad in their everyday lives after they have their children. However, it’s not all bad, since kids bring a certain level of fun into adults’ lives. And it’s not all about kids, but also about how parents treat their difficulties lighter than they used to. They just manage to see the fun in hard situations.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show the funny and pleasant side of being a parent, since it’s not all about discipline and being strict.

1. “My son, the pizza thief”

2. “When your husband finds your hairbrush...”

3. “3 girls? No problem!”

4. “After 72 days in the hospital, we brought my son home. 2 jokes later, he wished he was back in.”

5. “I asked my kids to take some books upstairs. This is my bedroom door.”

6. “I am the swaddle king!”

7. “Who here has reached ’make coffee while you drink coffee’ levels of fatherhood?”

8. “My daughter called me on my way back from the store stating that our toilet has a huge leak. I came home to this.”

9. “My son is obsessed with our washer so I made this image with him.”

10. “Every baby in the family gets the Pride Rock treatment.”

11. “My husband gave me some of his old band T-shirts, so I made a dress for our daughter.”

12. “Today, *I* was the prettiest Princess.”

13. “All my years of playing Tetris have prepared me for this very moment.”

14. “Me and my son celebrated his 2 months with the Slavic tradition of squatting.”

15. “This child collapsed when Santa and his elves showed up.”

Do you have any kids of your own or close relatives? What is the most amazingly strange thing you’ve done for them or seen them do?

Preview photo credit HaydenScramble / reddit


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