19 Girls Whose Hair Experiments Were a Huge Success

2 years ago

Daring experiments with hair are not for the faint-hearted. Some of us are afraid that the color might not turn out the way we want, that the new hairstyle might not suit the shape of our face, or that the people around us might find dyeing our hair all colors of the rainbow a little too extreme. However, life’s too short to always be thinking about “what-ifs,” and we should feel free to try out new things.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found these brave girls who had the courage to change their look radically and look absolutely stunning as a result.

“My hairdresser is a wizard!”

“I think I will always be pink.”

“I’ve always wanted bright bold colors since I was a teenager, and I finally made it happen. Dreams come true!”

“I grew my hair out for over 2 years in order to get my dream look.”

“I have a new hair color!”

“Yay there’s so much blue out there, it makes me happyyy!!”

“My friends can’t decide if my hair’s more sherbety or starburst-themed!”

“I’m really enjoying the green, mixed the color and dyed it myself!”

“My hairdresser did magic on my hair again!”

“Plain blue, but I’ve been very happy with the curls lately.”

“Touched up my rainbow.”

“It was a hard year, so I decided to become bright!”

“Did my roots last night; really happy with it.”

“My autumn hair”

“I did Rengoku-inspired hair and I’m in love with it!”

“I’ve had red hair, auburn hair, copper hair, brown hair, mahogany hair — but never PINK!”

“I’m finally back to my favorite color.”

“Trimmed up the mullet yesterday. Feeling fresh!”

“Rainbow, but make it goth.”

Would you like to dye your hair an unusual color?

Preview photo credit Hannahlouya / Reddit


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