18 Women Who Wanted to Dye Their Hair but Instead Were Struck by Tragedy

2 years ago

The average woman is said to change her hairstyle about 150 times during her lifetime, according to a study. Some of the reasons for this are going through a breakup, needing a change, or simply because a celebrity has made a style very popular. And because hairstylists can be very expensive, some women choose to do their own coloring and styling.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a big fan of hair changes but would like to remind you that if you’re not entirely sure of what you’re doing, you should ask a professional.

“My friend wants to go to school to be a hairdresser, I let her practice on my hair.”

“It was ALL supposed to get bleached, I dyed over it with orange to try and make it look cute. Obviously, it didn’t work.”

“My friend bleached my hair and started with the roots so now I have this. I am so lost.”

“Hair color disaster. I spent $100 to get a professional bleach and color. It was supposed to be smokey lavender.”

“Tried dying my hair ‘ash khaki’ and it came out blue? No idea what to do.”

“I accidentally botched my hair.”

“This is what happens when you try to dye your hair pink and you don’t wear gloves. It took about one week before my hands were back to normal.”

“Is this fixable with toner, or do I need to go to a professional?”

“I wanted to dye my hair dark copper for my birthday, and now I look like a carrot.”

“I helped my sister dye her hair purple. We bleached it, then we used permanent brights. It came out a dull blue instead of purple. Most of the color is gone now.”

“This was the work of my brother’s friend out of her house, and she still charged me $120 for this.”

“Just dyed it pink 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely hate it. How long until I can make it back to my natural brown?”

“Home-bleach failed. My stylist was able to save a lot more hair than initially thought.”

It seems this girl can’t fix it herself. She will have to go to a professional colorist.

“I wanted platinum hair.”

“I bleached my hair, used toner, and now my hair is full of colors. Do I have to accept the consequences?”

“The balayage I asked for vs what I got. They refuse to give me back my £120 ($165) too.”

“I didn’t notice that my glove broke while dying my friend’s hair, and now my hands are stained.”


When you decide to try a life hack from the internet:

Have you ever had disastrous hair dye experiences like these? How did you handle it afterward?

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