19 Otherworldly Kid’s Stories Parents Could Not Resist Believing But Almost Gone Mental

9 months ago

Children are recognized for openly sharing their unfiltered thoughts. Their rich creativity and limitless candor sometimes leave their parents speechless, as they recount peculiar and inexplicable tales. Yet, a few of their encounters with their “previous existences” appear remarkably authentic and coherent.

  • Our house has about 5 steps up to the dining room and then more steps up to the floor where the bedrooms are. Anyway, at bedtime my daughter, who was maybe 3 at the time, wouldn’t go up the first flight, telling me that there was a man sitting in the dining room chair. Had to go up there, pull the chair out, wave my hand around to show her there was no one there. All while the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was freaked out. © Mentalcomposer / Reddit
  • When my daughters were little, 4 and 5 years old, they had an imaginary friend and played with her. They called her Tency. I asked them what she looked like, and they told me she had green eyes, like her daddy. Once, I told my mother-in-law about it, and she told me, very surprised, that she had a niece named Hortencia, and they called her Tency, but she had moved far away from there a long time ago. They didn’t know her, nor did I. It was very strange. © Villarreal Cardoza / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 2 years old, she saw a picture of my dad, who had passed away more than 30 years ago. He died when I was a baby, so I didn’t even know him. She asked me who he was and was very astonished to see the picture. I told her it was her grandfather, who is in heaven, and she said, “No, Mom, he comes every night to talk to me, he says he loves me very much and is very proud of you.” I felt jealous, because she could see him and talk to him and I could not, but at the same time I was very happy to know that they had met. © Ericka Ramírez Garita / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 2 years old, she would say that she wanted to be at home. I would reply, “What do you mean, we’re home now,” and she would say, “No, my home, the one I bought with so much effort. My house. Why do I have to live here if I have my own house?” She started to describe her great-grandmother’s house. My husband turned stone-cold. It was weird. She said that until she was 6 years old, and then she suddenly stopped. My husband’s grandmother died before she was born, she never got to meet her. Sometimes I feel like my daughter is the reincarnation of my husband’s grandmother. © Belilin Florez / Facebook
  • 4yo daughter said “I watch you when I sleep” I said " you mean you watch me when I’m sleeping?" “No! I. Watch. You. When. I. Sleep!” © LonoHunter / Reddit
  • The day my father passed away, I cried all day from the time I woke up until 5:00 in the afternoon when I was told. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. I had my son and when he started talking, he said that he had met his grandfather, but if I had him in my belly, how could they have met? © Teresa Suarez / Facebook
  • My baby is almost 4 years old and the other day she told me that she had held me when I was a baby, and my mom too. So my mom and I were sisters, and she was our mother. © Naty Molgora / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 3 years old, she told me that she saw me from above and that she always wanted me to be her mother. She told me about a little brother who was with her and that he sent her to be my daughter. I lost a baby before she was born, but she didn’t know that. © Gema Carrión / Facebook
  • My five year old has never liked the hallway and stairs. He would often refer to a monster or man standing there. If we were sat in the living room — he liked the door to the hallway closed. This went on for ages and he would never go upstairs to the toilet without me. The really creepy bit is when he started to refer to the man as “Colin.” Colin was the the previous owner who recently passed away. Thankfully he has stopped saying it now and is less scared, but he still likes all the lights on if he has to go upstairs. © redbutterfly_78 / Reddit
  • My sister was only a few weeks pregnant. A boy came up to her, the son of a friend of my mother’s, looked at her, and said, “You have 2 babies in your belly.” My sister gave him a dirty look and walked away. Soon after, she had an ultrasound and, to her surprise, she was expecting twins. © Cris Méndez / Facebook
  • My mother died exactly one year from when my nephew was 3 years old. The day she passed away, we put him to bed in my mom’s bed. When he woke up, we told him that mommy was gone forever, to which he replied that it was a lie, that mommy was in the room, that she had slept with him and hugged him. We were speechless. © Joâo Moser / Facebook
  • One day we went grocery shopping. My 3-year-old daughter grabbed a huge package of diapers and was dragging it across the floor to put it in the cart. I asked her why she wanted diapers if she didn’t use them anymore, and she said, “For my baby brother, who’s in your belly.” A few days later, I didn’t get my period. She was right, I was pregnant with her baby brother! © Roxana Noguera Marecos / Facebook
  • Something peculiar has been happening to my 4-year-old son lately. He often says his dad is a king, his mom a queen, and that he has 5 siblings. I asked him where these people are, to which he always replies: “In Paris.” One day, I looked online for a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and he told me very enthusiastically and happily: “That’s my house, there is my dad, the king.” I said to him: “But I am your mother, and he is your father,” pointing to my husband, to which he replied: “Yes, you are my mother, but you live here with me and I have another mother, who is the queen, and my father is the king, and they live in Paris with my brothers.” © Gene Mediina / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 4 years old, we were watching the movie Selena. I had never seen it with her, and suddenly she said, “That day, at that concert, there were too many people. Imagine what it would be like nowadays if Selena hadn’t died.” I was shocked. © Martinez Camila / Facebook

Children have an incredible imagination and can creep out people with stories that not only themselves, but also their parents will believe. Parents really want to think that their children just have a very vivid imagination, but sometimes their stories can make blood freeze.


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