20+ People Who Probably Had a Worse Week Than You

year ago

Life has funny ways of surprising us. Sometimes it bestows us with miracles and good things, but in order to create a balance, it also throws some infuriating things along our way. For instance, you pay a fortune for a dream haircut but it ends up looking like a disaster, or your phone charger breaks in a time of emergency. We found such unfortunate yet funny moments below to be thankful for the good things happening to us.

1. “My friend got stung by something.”

2. “Donating blood today, used the bathroom and this happened.”

3. “My girlfriend washed my wool sweater.”

4. “Been stuck on a train for 12 hours, alone, because of the weather.”

5. “First bubble bath in nearly 35 years. I think I did something wrong.”

6. “My son loves white chocolate.”

7. “I was charged $62 for a haircut and it wasn’t even cut correctly.”

8. “Well... Today I found out that the bottom of my blender is detachable.”

9. “A tree fell on my Cadillac.”

10. “Dropped tikka masala at the store and it shattered.”

11. “I was so tired this morning that I brewed water. Happy Monday!”

12. “Fantastic, how’s your day going?”

13. “We get a calendar with pictures of our dog in it every year. This year our dog is a cat.”

Time spent with a cat is never wasted”

14. “Dropped in a 5-gallon bucket of used motor oil”

15. “This was for my sister’s birthday and it was supposed to say ’happy bday’ but came out saying ’happy happy.’”

16. “I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly...”

17. “Phone purchased at 10:20 am, black ice got me at 1:30 pm.”

18. “Got a splinter under my thumbnail.”

19. “The view from my hike yesterday”

20. “I liked that shirt.”

21. “I’ve heard of ’painting yourself into a corner’ but my wife took it a step further. I don’t even know...”

22. “Guess who’s severely allergic to hair dye? This girl!”

23. “Looks like my phone won’t be charging today.”


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