19 Pets Who Got a Haircut and Changed So Dramatically That Their Owners Barely Recognized Them

4 months ago

Being a pet is great; you showcase one side, and everyone admires you; you turn to the other side, and the admiration continues. However, suddenly, they grab scissors, give you a haircut, and proudly share your transformation online. We gathered users’ “before-after” photos and discovered that effective grooming can enhance the beauty of any pet, be it a rabbit or a dog. Conversely, a poor haircut can disrupt everything. The silver lining is that, regardless, these pets remain loved just as much as before.

“Happy to get the mats off! Next time we will work more towards style.”

“Our neighbors groomed their cat today: from fluffy and big to this...”

And everyone around kept saying, “What a cute little puppy!”

“My cat after my wife decided to instruct our groomers to commit a crime.”

When your haircut is perfect from head to paws.

“We took our doggie to a new groomer. Eventually, we brought home this creature and kept laughing at his new paws.”

“We groomed our cat, he got offended at everyone except me and has been sleeping in my bed for 3 days in a row.”

“I was told that the haircut would be done with a trimmer set on 3. I have never had to deal with this device so I agreed. Here is the dog I brought home...”

“Thank you! She’s got the best tail.”

“This is my friend’s cat. They removed her fur because of flea issues. They say she is offended now.”

“My stepdad decided to groom the dog in his spare time.”

Another case of “Woah there’s a whole other dog under there!”

“My girlfriend took her cat to get groomed. He got aggressive, they gave up.”

“I wanna groom the rabbits like this but idk a grooming place that caters to rabbits. They only do dog grooming and sometimes cats.”

“My dog Oliver has a Batman chest after every grooming.”

When you are obsessed with braids.

That very case when you go to the salon and ask them to slightly trim the ends... and they do it.

“I had my cat groomed and afterward I found... a skeleton of another cat.”

“The groomer that did this is a miracle worker.”

If you love looking at photos of pets after a haircut, don’t miss our other compilation of “before and after” photos featuring animals that have received fabulous makeovers.

Preview photo credit SeaSeaworthiness8349 / Reddit


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