18 Peculiar Items That Initially Confused People But Everything Fell into Place Later On

6 months ago

In a world without the internet, our curiosity would often go unsatisfied, leaving us with countless unanswered questions. Thankfully, when we stumble upon something mysterious, we don’t have to ponder for too long. We can turn to the vast knowledge of the online community to unravel the mysteries. Let’s explore the intriguing finds users have stumbled upon in their nooks and crannies. You’d be surprised to discover what these peculiar items truly are.

“Plastic strap on cotton swabs. Unidentified object received in a recent order from online shop.”

Answer: I think they are supposed to be a gag. You put the rubber part around your ear and it looks like you have a cotton swab sticking out of your head.

“Metal shards inside the shower head of the place I’m renting. What are these and why are they in there?”

Answer: Surely they are solder from copper plumbing. If you overheat the pipes while soldering, long strands like this can form on the inside.

“What is this object at a restaurant construction site with a handle on top?”

Answer: “Airflow meter for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to help balance the system

“What is this loop inside my coat, next to where the sleeve is?”

Answer: It’s for the belt.

“These weird tweezers. Probably a kitchen tool.”

Answer: Looks like it’s for squeezing lemon pieces to catch seeds.

“A weird set of cards I found — there are a total of 44 cards, the holes and the suits seem to be in random positions.”

Answer: I think it’s a Gaff Deck for magic tricks.

“A new bra I bought online has a ’microchip’ inside of it. It looks pretty fake to me but can’t pinpoint what it is exactly.”

Answer: New age “healing” stuff, like the magnetic bracelets and such.

“It looks like a cast-iron pitcher.”

Answer: It’s an old lantern lighter.

“We had a dinner table conversation. What do you think it is?”

Answer: Lemon juicer

Black cast iron frying pan with a raised solid flat surface in the center of the pan

Answer: It looks like it might be a doughnut skillet.

“A white plastic tube with a + and protrusions on the side. What is it?”

Answer: An emergency gas funnel

“Wedding gift, circa 1963. A glass bowl with an angle on a wooden pedestal with a dark rim. Any specific purpose?”

Answer: A slant bowl for terrariums

“Weird key. I’m not sure what it goes to.”

Answer: It’s a tubular emergency key for tubular locks.

“This weird wrapped car. The lights were wrapped in cloth. Serial numbers all around. Anything significant or just tacky?”

Answer: It obscures the car while being test-driven, so the yet-to-be-released models are not photographed and published.

“Weird electronic key”

Answer: It’s a key for an engine immobilizer system.

“What is this metal kitchen device with a spring-loaded set of rings used for?”

Answer: It’s an egg poacher.

“Golden coloured opaque glass object about 25cm tall. Weights about 40g. Hollow with no holes.”

Answer: It’s a decor item.

“Found this in attic, very worried but what is it .”

Answer: No worries. It’s definitely the handle to something.

How wonderful it is when the internet not only lets us binge-watch our favorite series but also helps us discover something new. If you’re ready for a fresh dose of knowledge, dive right in and learn about the purpose behind other mysterious objects.

Preview photo credit Benleach / Reddit


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